Roman Abramovich may sell 20% of Chelsea

Roman Abramovich may sell 20% of Chelsea
Roman Abramovich

Russian billionaire considers sales opportunity of one heel of shares of the London football club belonging to him.⁠

According to The Daily Mail, Chinese HNA Group which annual earnings constitute 23,5 billion euros can become a buyer.

The newspaper writes about meeting of the chairman of Chelsea Bruce Buck with top managers of HNA Group which took place on January 7 at which the prospects of the Chinese investments into a legend of the British soccer were discussed.

In spite of the fact that Chelsea officially denies a possibility of pro-giving by Abramovich of any share in assets of club, the source of the media calls such succession of events quite real.

For the Chinese share purchase of Chelsea is a consecutive step of large business in the direction of investment into the leading European football clubs. To Abramovich the transaction could be profitable in the light of the forthcoming reconstruction of home stadium Chelsea Stemford Bridge which cost is estimated at 500 million pounds.

To recall, the Russian entrepreneur purchased Chelsea in 2003 for 140 million pounds sterling. Since then the club was completely reformed, and the team and trainer's structure are repeatedly strengthened by stars of world soccer. During this time Chelsea became the champion of the country four times, two times were won by the Cup of England, and also became the winner of the Europa League and the Supercup of UEFA.

In May, 2016 Forbes estimated modern Chelsea at £1,2 billion. Proceeding from this amount of 20% of its assets can cost the Chinese company at least 240 million pounds sterling.

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