Relatives of Chemezov and Manturov to invest in VIP-rest in Gelendzhik

Relatives of Chemezov and Manturov to invest in VIP-rest in Gelendzhik
Sergey Chemezov

According to the media, the Russian businessmen have already invested 800 million rubles (14.2 million dollars) in a golf club.

Big Russian business has become interested in the development of VIP tourism in Gelendzhik. In particular, 800 million rubles has already been invested in the creation of a golf club, Dozhd TV Channel reports, noting that Gelendzhik became an attractive place for investment after the construction of the so-called ‘Putin's Palace’.

It should be noted that the golf club is to be located not far from the future berth for yachts in the Gelendzhik seaport under the control of Stanislav Chemezov.

As previously reported by Vademecum, Russian businessmen had registered a limited liability company Gelendzhik Golf Resort. The company's founders are Andrey Melnichenko's EuroChem and Aleksey Mordashov's Severgrupp, as well as the structures of Obyedinennaya Metallurgicheskaya Kompaniya (United Metallurgical Company) and the Sinara group of Dmitry Pumpyansky. In addition, the list of companies includes Orion Property, associated with Invest AG of Evraz owners Aleksandr Abramov and Aleksandr Frolov, Terra Grupp companies (runs a golf resort in the Sverdlovsk region) and a certain Stroytekh LLC owned by Oleg Rumyantsev, who has been appointed general director of Gelendzhik Golf Resort. It is noteworthy that the above-mentioned structures have not been either involved in joint ownership and management of real estate, or interested in the golf infrastructure.

Local authorities have not yet commented on the plans to establish a golf club in the city, referring to the lack of information. The officials could only clarify that the future fields will be located on Tonky Mys (one of the city districts), right next to the runway of Gelendzhik airport operated by Oleg Deripaska’s Basel Aero. At the same time, the administration noted that two plots of land would be used for golf fields.

As previously reported by TsUR, Tonky Mys is where the berth is located, on which it is planned to build a large yacht club. The facility is owned by Geledzhiksky Morskoy Port (Gelendzhik seaport), which, in turn, is owned by Finansovye Sistemy of Head of Rostech Sergey Chemezov’s son Stanislav. As Dozhd TV Channel notes, the interest of Chemezov and Manturov in Gelendzhik are not limited to the berth; Finansovye Sistemy also own Pansionat Primorye PJSC. It is controlled by the previously mentioned Oleg Rumyantsev of Stroytekh LLC.



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