Prokhorov's New Year Party in Courchevel: Playboy-models and Leningrad band

Prokhorov's New Year Party in Courchevel: Playboy-models and Leningrad band
Mikhail Prokhorov

Life witnessed another splendid party of the Russian billionaire in the French Alps.

The three-storey wooden chalet of Mikhail Prokhorov, worth over 100 million euro, is never empty in the New Year holidays: doors of 51-year-old tycoon's house always open for guests. The Russian billionaire’s holidays are traditionally held on the slopes of Courchevel in the company of young ladies, who are ready to unconditionally fulfill all his whims. Life witnessed gatherings of the oligarch.

In the famous ski resort Prokhorov came shortly before the New Year and stayed at all the New Year holidays. The oligarch celebrated Christmas in the best restaurant Le Tigrr with Asian cuisine, inviting friends to dance to the hits of Valery Meladze, Discoteka Avariya, Potap and Nastya and the Leningrad band. The festive evening was opened only for billionaire’s guests, who were allowed on the threshold only after the acquaintance with watchful face-control, consisting of six guards.


Former Governor of the Tver region Dmitry Zelenin

The day after the noisy feast Mikhail has arranged a lunch in the courtyard of his house. Among the guests there were ex-Governor of the Tver region Dmitry Zelenin and the family of Russian Media Group Head Vladimir Kiselev - wife Elena Sever with sons. By the way, eldest heir of Kiselev Yuri was presented at a dinner party not so long, unlike his brother, preferring incendiary parties in the most popular clubs of the French resort La Mangeoire to secular society.


Elena Sever with her son Vladimir

The party maker impressively rounds own possession, trying to pay attention to each, while his concubines, dressed in costumes of Playboy bunnies and mink coats, gratified views of guests with dazzling smiles and fiery dances under songs of Okean Elzy, Russian singer Egor Creed and popular Louboutins. Girls work harder by day: businessman’s guests love beauties.


Guests are treated to a hot mulled wine, expensive champagne Cristal, liqueurs and rich broth, which is cooked in a cast iron pot on the street. Scents of culinary creations that carry the entire picturesque quarter, even forced to stop skiers and snowboarders. However, on the road, everyone, who wants to take a look at Russian billionaire’s party, is immediately stopped by broad-shouldered bodyguards, placed on the perimeter and on the whole territory of the chalet.

The luxury house, which is located in the prestigious neighborhood, next to the ski slopes, Mikhail Prokhorov took a fancy for a long time. The cosy chalet has several rooms, large living room and is equipped with a hot tub, sauna and fireplace. There, in the absence of the owner, oligarch’s ladies relax in the evenings, parading along the home bar with such alcoholic delights that any club could envy. 

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