Preobrazhensky Base of Trawling Fleet sold for $500m

Preobrazhensky Base of Trawling Fleet sold for $500m
Alexander Verkhovsky

Ostrov Sakhalin company may become the largest on the market out of the deal.

Ostrov Sakhalin acquired Preobrazhensky Base of the Trawling Fleet (PBTF) for $430 million, Kommersant reports. According to the source of RBC, PBTF could cost about $600 million. Thus, Ostrov Sakhalin will become the largest company on the market.

RBC's source in the fish market reported that the PBTF has quotas for the catch of 100 thousand tons of pollock, 30 thousand tons of herring and other water resources. The interlocutor of the publication called the base "a good asset."

Alexander Verkhovsky also owns the Gidrostroy holding company with quotas for the catch of 277.4 thousand tons of fish. According to Forbes, Gidrostroy ranks second in the list of Russian fisheries. The holding's revenue in 2016 was $331 million.

After the purchase of PBTF, the Verkhovsky’s structure came round the RFC (Russian Fishery Company), RBC's interlocutor remarked. According to him, taking into account unquoted species of fish (salmon, saury, sprat, Pacific herring in some catch zones) the companies associated with Gidrostroy will take the first place in the market, getting to windward of Norebo.

According to the source of the edition, certain risks are associated with the purchase of PBTF: it is not precisely known whether the above quotas for catching fish will be in force for 15 years. Some of them can be selected and sold at auctions. However, if it keeps quotas, the real price of the base is about $600 million, except for the catch of crab and shrimp.

Alexander Verkhovsky represented the Sakhalin region in the Federation Council in 2012-2017. Former owners of PBTF were Irina Gerasimenko and Olga Kravchenko. According to Kommersant sources, Gerasimenko is the wife of current Governor of the Sakhalin region Oleg Kozhemyako, and Kravchenko is his sister. Son of Governor Nikita Kozhemyako is also the PBTF shareholder.



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