One Moscow building connects Shuvalov and Abramovich 

One Moscow building connects Shuvalov and Abramovich
Igor Shuvalov

The same company together with oligarch owns White Gardens office building and manages the assets of the Prime Minister.

Along with the elegant business center in Moscow, located at metro station Belorusskaya, and Roman Abramovich's Millhouse the structure close to Sergey Kotlyarenko, managing assets of VIP customers, in particular - the family of Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, is listed. This is reported by Vedomosti citing a source close to the business center owners.

Built in 2013, the business complex of class A White Gardens (Belye Sady) is located on Lesnaya Street. It consists of two buildings of 16 and 12 floors with total area of ​​100 thousand sq. m. According to experts, the market price of White Gardens may not be less than 600 million dollars.

Бизнес-центр White Gardens

Business Centre White Gardens

According to the publication, in early 2014, JSC A-class-Invest became the owner of half of the shares in the LLC Lesnaya 27 (the owner of the complex), previously being 100% owned by Millhouse Estate Ltd.

The founder of the JSC A-Class-Invest means employee of KSP Legal law office - Egor Falileev. The general director is Tatiana Bogomolova, who is also working in KSP Legal, which is chaired by Kotlyarenko. In 2014, he admitted that assets of the Vice-Premier is under the control of KSP Kapital, in which he also acts as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In addition, the Shuvalov's treasurer ownership on part of the building is confirmed by a mailing address of A-Class-Invest – it is the same as the domain has, 100%  of which shares are owned by Kotlyarenko. The same company owns Otkritye Aktivy (Public Assets) and Sova Nedvizhimost (Owl Property), belonging to Olga and Igor Shuvalovs. First company - "something like the investment fund" - owned Shuvalov's assets, said in 2014 a spokesman for Shuvalov. A-Class-Invest was registered at Otkritye Aktivy.

The scope of Shuvalov's possessions and his connection with Kotlyarenko is confirmed by the fact that Falileev was once a liquidator of the company owned by Evgeny Shuvalov - MF Investment.

Note that the law allows the governmental members own shares and stakes in the authorized capitals of commercial structures, however, limits the possibility of direct involvement in its activities.



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