Russian oligarchs prosecuted in Russia say they do not want to return home

Russian oligarchs prosecuted in Russia say they do not want to return home
Bortis Titov

Most of the businessmen have good lives in London. What they really want to achieve is termination of criminal prosecutions, because of which they had to leave the country.

Most Russian entrepreneurs, who attended the meeting in London with presidential candidate and Business Ombudsman Boris Titov, do not want to return to Russia. They said that in a conversation with The Bell.

One of the entrepreneurs, a former employee of Gazprom from Penza, Alexey Shmatko, who is accused of a 50 million rubles ($873.800) swindling in Russia, said that the members of Titov’s list spoke in favor of stopping the criminal cases brought against them in the homeland, and not for the return. “For me, it's just a matter of terminating of my criminal case, I'm not moving back to Russia and plan to continue working with the office of the Business Ombudsman and collect appeals from Russian entrepreneurs in London”.

Another businessman, former co-owner of the Trust Bank Ilya Yurov, who is accused of embezzlement in the Russian Federation, said he does not believe in the effectiveness of this method for himself, but plans to “ask” for his former colleagues – Trust’s ex-treasurer Oleg Dikusar and financial director Evgenia Romakova, who are also under investigation. The businessman does not yet think about returning to Russia.

Former co-owner of the company Moskonversprom Valery Morozov told the publication that he would like to have the opportunity to come to Russia (at the moment, Morozov is also a defendant in a criminal case), but not to move there for permanent residence.

From all appearances, Titov mistakes the wish for the reality when he talks about the businessmen’s return to Russia, says another participant of the meeting, who wished to remain unnamed. “None of those present at the meeting expressed a desire to go to Russia,” he said.

Only two businessmen expressed their desire to return to the homeland. This is Mikhail Shamanov, the former owner of the Aviacharter holding, who is accused of fraud, and former vice president of Rosneft Anatoly Loktionov. The latter is accused of embezzling more than 100 million rubles ($1.7m) from Dmitry Garkusha, a shareholder of development company DB Development.

It is to be recalled that the event in question was attended by about 40 people. Among them, there were founder of Euroset Yevgeny Chichvarkin, co-owner of Marta holding Georgy Trefilov, former vice president of Rosneft Anatoly Loktionov, and Roman Zelman, who is the co-owner of London restaurants of the Global Craftsmen Group and brother of restaurateur Mikhail Zelman.

After the meeting, the so-called Titov’s list was drawn up, where the Ombudsman included the entrepreneurs wishing to return to Russia. As stated in the Ombudsman’s Office, the document has already been sent to the Kremlin, but Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President, noted that the Presidential Administration had not received any lists.



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