Oligarch Musa Bazhaev's daughter from America: "Everywhere is better than in Russia" 

Oligarch Musa Bazhaev's daughter from America: "Everywhere is better than in Russia"
Daughter of Musa Bazhaev Elina

The 22-year-old student of the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs shared her impressions on the US tour with subscribers, and noted that "the mere thought of Moscow makes her sick."

Immediately after the wedding in Monaco, the 22-year-old heiress of the billionaire Musa Bazhaev Elina went with her husband – the 24-year-old Bekkhan Mamakayev – on a honeymoon to the USA. Hot beaches of Miami and the lights of Las Vegas impressed the newfound bride so much, that any talks of returning home she prevents in the harshest possible way. In the social network, the MGIMO graduate student shares the details of her voyage across the United States, and to the question subscriber "Where is it better in the US or Russia?" Elina said quite categorically: "Everywhere is better than in Russia." At that, Bazhaeva admits that "the mere thought of Moscow makes her sick."


It is to be recalled that wedding of Elina Bazhaeva and the son of the Chechen businessman Alikhan Mamakayev took place in late September in Monte Carlo. Elina's husband – the 24-year-old Bekhan – is the graduate of the University of London, speaks six languages. The young man is the owner of several of his father's companies. With one of the most beautiful Chechen women Bekhan got acquainted in February, and after a couple of months, has got consent from her to the marriage proposal. The celebration took place in the Salle Empire Restaurant at the Hotel de Paris, to which, among others, the Princess of Qatar Sheikh Salwa was invited. The most important day in her life the bride spent in a dress for 20 million rubles which was specially sewed for her by the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad.

Elina’s father – Musa Bazhaev – owns Gruppa Alliance, and 40% of the company Russkaya platina (Russian platinum). In addition to the billions he owes, the businessman is known for his largess: in May, the oligarch celebrated his 50th anniversary in the sports complex Olympic having spent 250 million rubles on it.


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