Oligarch Kerimov’s son-in-law to build Moscow region

Oligarch Kerimov’s son-in-law to build Moscow region
Suleyman Kerimov

His own real estate development company was revealed with a close relative of the well-known billionaire.⁠

The company implementing the project for construction of apartment complex Sky Skolkovo in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region turned out to be linked with husband of famous billionaire Suleyman Kerimov’s daughter – Arsen Dzhamaludinov. Two members of the capital’s real estate market told RBC about this.

According to the copy from Rosreestr a lot of more than 1 ha, located at the beginning of Minsk highway, where there is an ongoing construction, is owned by LLC Stroyprofil-M, half-owned by Arsen’s brother – Ruslan Dzhamaludinov. However, it is Arsen who is engaged in the operational management of the company, and as he told the publication, Sky Skolkovo is his first development project.

According to the company, its accomplishment record already features 800 thousand sq. m. of realized residential and commercial real estate. However, in some projects the company acted as a subcontractor.

Residential complex Sky Skolkovo covers an area of 38 thousand sq. m., and it will be commissioned at the end of the month. Dzhamaludinov claims that immediately after this the second stage of construction will start in the surrounding areas.

Without naming the total investment volume, the businessman said that the apartment complex is being built at expense of his family without the involvement of third-party sponsorship. At the same time, Suleyman Kerimov is not involved in the project, Arsen Dzhamaludinov assured.

As estimated by the market participants, 1 sq. m of housing of Sky Skolkovo level, without taking into account trim and utilities, may cost the developer from 60 to 80 thousand rubles ($1000 – 1357 thousand). Thus, the total price of the complex may vary from 2.3 to 3 billion rubles ($39-50m), RBC calculated. Plus another about 150 million rubles ($2.5m) worth of land itself.

Initially Sky Skolkovo was planned to be a hotel, subsequently owners refocused the project for commercial real estate, but in the end since autumn sale of apartments in this complex has started. Price starts from 3.9 million rubles ($66 thousand). The lackluster location of the object - at the intersection of Ring Road and Minsk highway from the side of the region – has an impact. As RBC notes, for the same money one can purchase a flat in the area of ​​Novorizhskoye, Kievskoye or Borovskoye highway, in which it will be possible to register (due to the status of apartments registration can not be obtained). At the same time, apartments in new buildings in the capital region occupy about a quarter of the total market volume.

The wedding of Gulnara Karimova and Arsen Dzhamaludinov took place in 2014. Local and international stars entertained the guests in elite Agalarov Golf Club on Novorizhskoe highway. The newly wedded couple performed their first dance by a live singing of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. In addition, LMFAO band and rapper Flo Rida, Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin, attended the celebration. Philip Kirkorov learned Kerimov’s native Lezghian language purposely for the song.



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