Oligarch Boris Berezovsky's grave abandoned by his family  

Oligarch Boris Berezovsky's grave abandoned by his family
Boris Berezovsky's grave

The oligarch's grave at Brookwood Cemetery in England has been abandoned and is in a state of neglect.

This is reported by Chief Editor of Echo of Moscow Aleksey Venediktov. He posted pictures of the oligarch's grave on his Instagram account with the caption: "This is how the grave of Boris Berezovsky looks 4 years after his death."

Users of the social network left a lot of ambiguous comments under this post. Some of them did not believe that the photo showed the real grave of Berezovsky, someone expressed regrets about the deceased, and some people left sarcastic comments.


A friend of Boris Berezovsky's family Aleksandra Nerozina explained why the grave was in such a poor state. According to the woman, in England, there is no tradition to visit cemeteries on the religious calendar, order pompous gravestones, and take care for gravesites.

"I know that Berezovsky's widow Galina and her children, Anastasia and Artem, live in London. I know that they visit the grave of Boris, but not often, unlike it is customary in Russia," the woman noted. She also added that Boris Berezovsky is buried not in an elite, but in an ordinary cemetery in Brookwood, which provides services to all comers. 

Nerozina said that all cemeteries in the UK are differnet from those in Russia. "They appear quite bleak. Fresh flowers and a flowerbed on a grave is a rare sight. In the majority, monuments and memorials date back to the previous centuries," the oligarch family’s friend said. 

To recall, Boris Berezovsky was found dead in March 2013 at his home in England.

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