Number of dollar millionaires in Russia sets new record

Number of dollar millionaires in Russia sets new record

According to data for 2017, the total number of dollar millionaires in the country has increased by 4 percent, setting a new record.

According to company Capgemini, the number of Russian citizens, whose assets at the end of 2017 exceeded one million dollars, has risen by 4 percent. According to the information published in the World Wealth Report 2018, Russia has not had so many wealthy people before. However, judging by another criterion - the rate of growth in the number of rich people in the country, Russia's results are more than twice as low as the world average ones.

Back in 2008, the number of millionaires was half as many and stood at 97.1 thousand people. That said, 2016 was a record year in terms of the growth rate of the rich. Then the number of dollar millionaires soared by 19.7%. However this year, with the growth of 9.5%, Russia became one of the outsiders. To put this in perspective, it is five times lower than that of India. This country outperformed the Netherlands in the number of millionaires (+20%, from 219 thousand to 263 thousand).

However, regarding the total number of millionaires, Russia still ranks 15th and surpasses countries such as Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Norway. However, it is markedly inferior to South Korea (243 thousand), Canada (377 thousand) and Great Britain (575 thousand).

Most millionaires were again detected in the US (5.285 million people). Also, the top three included Japan and Germany with the indicators of 3.162 and 1.365 million people, respectively.

The general wealth of the rich has grown by 10.6% over the year and has exceeded 70 trillion dollars for the first time ever. According to experts, by 2025 this figure will go beyond 100 trillion.

Capgemini also found out that most millionaires live in the Asia-Pacific region (6.2 million people with a fortune of 21.6 trillion). North America takes the second place (5.7 million with a fortune of 19.8 trillion). The third on the list is Europe, where 4.8 million rich people live with assets worth 15.9 trillion dollars. Africa enjoys the most modest figures; only 200 thousand millionaires with a fortune of 1.7 trillion dollars were counted here.



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