Nephew of Roman Abramovich to be tried for tax evasion

Nephew of Roman Abramovich to be tried for tax evasion
Roman Abramovich

In Omsk, the trial of the billionaire’s cousin Arkady Borisenko begins.⁠

The Omsk businessman, the head of the construction company SK Stroimaterialy-99 LLC, is accused of tax evasion.

According to the investigation, the director of SK Stroimaterialy-99 LLC intentionally concealed money of his firm in the amount of 4 million rubles ($69.500) during the suspension of transactions on settlement accounts of his company in connection with non-payment of taxes by the tax authority.

He sent sent administrative letters to counteragents on the transfer of funds, bypassing the settlement accounts of SK Stroymaterialy-99 LLC.

Meanwhile, during the investigation, the defendant repaid the tax debt, the regional ICR reported on March 23.

Arkady Borisenko is a cousin of billionaire Roman Abramovich. He is the son of the SK Stroymaterialy-99 company's founder, cousin of Abramovich Natalia Dernova.

Trouble with tax authorities began back in September 2016. Then the company's offices were searched. Now, a criminal case with an approved indictment under Art. 199.2 of the Criminal Code (Concealment of Funds or Property of the Organization or Individual Entrepreneur due to which collection of taxes and (or) fees should be collected) is removed to court.



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