Arkady Rotenberg’s ex-wife shuts down her business in Great Britain

Arkady Rotenberg’s ex-wife shuts down her business in Great Britain
Natalia Rotenberg

In the autumn, the former wife of Arkady Rotenberg argued that she had no problems with companies in the United Kingdom.

Arkady Rotenberg’s ex-wife Natalia Rotenberg shuts down most of her commercial companies in the UK, Otrkytye Media reports referring to the British corporate registry The Companies House

According to the registry, two legal entities registered in the UK will be liquidated on the owner’s application: the construction company NR Property Developments Limited and Natalia Rotenberg Events Limited, which organized various events. Rotenberg was the owner and director of both companies. 

The registry does not contain information about the closure of two more structures owned by Rotenberg in the UK, namely, the design company NR Interior Design Limited and the charity fund Natalia Rotenberg Foundation Limited. The British authorities were going to forcibly close the fund in the summer of 2018 due to problems with reporting, but the representatives of the owner corrected the violations at the last moment. 

Applications for the liquidation of NR Property Developments Limited and Natalia Rotenberg Events Limited were filed on January 15. A week later, The Companies House published a notice about the beginning of the exclusion of these companies from the corporate registry, which is tantamount to their liquidation. If the management or owners of firms do not change their decision, they will be closed in two months. There are no reasons for closure in the registry documents. 

According to the latest available financial statements of NR Property Developments Limited for the period from April 2016 to April 2017, the company's liabilities exceeded the capital of its owner by 238.7 GBP. The company reports under a simplified scheme, which allows not to disclose revenue and net profit or loss. 

Natalia Rotenberg Events Limited also does not disclose all its financial results. For the period from November 30, 2015 to November 30, 2016, the company's liabilities exceeded its capital by 94.7 thousand pounds. Probably, NR Interior Design Limited did not yield profit as well. For the period from February 2016 to February 2017, the company's liabilities surpassed its capital by 33.1 thousand pounds.

In November 2018, in an interview with Dozhd TV channel, Natalia Rotenberg claimed that her business in the UK was all right. “Everything exists, everything is in its place, no one has taken it away,” said Rotenberg. In the same interview, she said she had returned to Russia from the UK with her children. She lived in the United Kingdom since 2013. The Companies House’s documents still indicate Great Britain as Rotenberg’s country of residence.

According to the British media, Natalia Rotenberg owns an estate in the county of Surrey worth 35 million pounds and an apartment worth 7 million pounds in London. Rotenberg was married to businessman Arkady Rotenberg from 2005 to 2013. After the divorce, she tried to challenge the terms of the prenuptial agreement in the Russian and British courts. A source of Open Media claims the woman managed to receive only a small part of the amount she requested from her ex-spouse. The Rotenbergs have two children. In recent interviews, Natalia Rotenberg spoke highly of her former husband. The source of Open Media familiar with the businessman confirms that they remained on good terms. 



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