London Court seizes Ananyev brothers’ assets for the second time

London Court seizes Ananyev brothers’ assets for the second time
Dmitry and Aleksey Ananyev

The decision was taken by the Court the day after VTB announced the purchase of Bank Vozrozhdenie, previously owned by Ananyev brothers.

The High Court of London arrested the assets of ex-senator from Yamal Dmitry Ananyev and his brother Aleksey for the second time.

The assets of the Ananyevs were arrested as an interim measure under a suit of £11 million from investors holding credit default notes guaranteed by the brothers. A partner of Nektorov, Savelyev, and partners, Roman Makarov, who represents this group of plaintiffs, told Vedomosti. The amount of the suit is 11.2 million dollars and 500 thousand euros.

In July, the High Court of London had already frozen the assets of the Ananyev brothers for a total of 11 million pounds and $15.6 million at the suit of a group of Promsvyazbank shareholders. Already on August 7, the seizure of the assets was lifted. The formal reason was the contribution by Dmitry Ananyev of similar amounts ($15.6 million and €11 million) to the account of the judicial financial administration, however, as reported by Nezygar’ via Telegram, the Court could have softened also because Dmitry Ananyev disclosed several working schemes of money laundering, which his partners and clients used, to representatives of the British special services. 

Now another group of investors filed a lawsuit in the London court. The partner of the law firm Lipman Karas, representing the interests of the plaintiffs in court, Andrew Ford, confirmed this information to RIA Novosti.

The basis for the suit was the cessation of servicing of securities issued under the guarantees of the banker brothers after the Central Bank of Russia launched the resolution of the Ananyevs’ main asset – Promsvyazbank – in December.

The decision of the London Court of August 15 freezes the assets of the Ananyev brothers as an interim measure under the suit, RBC notes with reference to the document. The seizure of the assets of Vozrozhdenie, which after the division of business is controlled by Dmitry Ananyev, is stipulated by a separate paragraph. According to the document, “any assets or shares in Bank Vozrozhdenie PJSC, owned by the defendants, are directly or indirectly seized.”

Apart from the Ananyevs, the defendants on the suit are 8 more offshore companies, including four companies, through which the Ananyev brothers had previously owned Bank Vozrozhdenie, namely Promsvyaz Capital BV, Menrela Ltd, Antracite Investment Ltd, and Urgula Platinum Ltd.

The seizure of assets directly affects Dmitry Ananyev's plans to sell shares of Bank Vozrozhdenie to VTB. According to the terms of the agreement with VTB on acquiring Dmitry Ananyev's shares in Vozrozhdenie, the asset must be legally clean for the transaction.



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