“Land empire” of deceased “funeral king” of St. Petersburg Igor Minakov awaits redivision

“Land empire” of deceased “funeral king” of St. Petersburg Igor Minakov awaits redivision
Igor Minakov

Igor Minakov, one of the richest entrepreneurs in St. Petersburg who died after a long illness, left behind many millions of assets.

In particular, Moika 78 reports, the late billionaire owned an extensive land bank – dozens of large land plots of hundreds of hectares in different districts of St. Petersburg.

According to the chairman of the board of directors of the ARIN real estate agency, Andrey Tetysh, "the development path in which the heirs continue the business of Minakov is highly unlikely." The expert believes that the land will be sold, because "money is the easiest to divide."

The main value of the land bank is the possibility of building something on these lands. In this case, the heirs will have to become developers. However, it is known that Minakov had a daughter who was not engaged in business.

Recall one of the richest entrepreneurs in St. Petersburg and a monopolist in the ritual services market of the northern capital, Igor Minakov, died on December 21 in Sestroretsk at the age of 58 years after a long illness. Igor Minakov was remembered as a former top manager of Lenenergo, the founder of the Zashchita concern and the founder of the United Capital Bank. Back in 1998, the former Department Against Misappropriation of Socialist Property operative created a private security firm Zashchita, which serves urban cemeteries. Then he merged with Valery Larkin, the owner of the Funeral Services company, and, probably, not without the help of law enforcement agencies, became a monopolist in the funeral services market. To date, the structures of Minakov and Larkin own up to 90% of the Petersburg “funeral” market.

Minakov led an active social activity, engaged in charity. According to media estimates, he owned about 400 hectares of St. Petersburg land and assets in 50 companies. Many of them were engaged in ritual services, security and warehousing logistics.

According to SPARK-Interfax, Igor Minakov was a 100% owner of three legal entities: OOO Ambassador (rent and property management), OOO Nezhadovskoe (hunting, capture and shooting of wild animals) and Patriot Sport and Racing Club (under liquidation). In addition to this the deceased person owned 60% of shares of OOO SRS Memorial (funeral services) and 40% of shares of OOO MKSS (cutting, processing and finishing stone for monuments).



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