“It’s dangerous and impossible to live in Russia.” Businessman Gutseriev comments upon rumors of his escape from Russia

“It’s dangerous and impossible to live in Russia.” Businessman Gutseriev comments upon rumors of his escape from Russia
Mikhail Gutseriev

The businessman called reports on his departure from the country a provocation.

Founder of a financial industrial group SAFMAR Mikhail Gutseriev has called reports on his escape from Russia “a dishonest corrupted journalism,” reports Russia 24 TV-channel. It had earlier been reported the businessman had left the country in fear of arrest for non-payment of taxes.

“I haven’t escaped anywhere. This is what thieves and criminals do when they escape the scene. I haven’t escaped. I’m here in my office. It turns out that the President signs a law on criminal prosecution for fake newsmaking. Ishaev is detained, Abyzov is detained. And in 3 days, there emerges information that I escape from the country in fear of arrest. This is, of course, against myself, first and foremost. And at the same time, there are highly strung vibes in society. Because businessmen and entrepreneurs are being detained and arrested. It’s dangerous and impossible to live in Russia,” Gutseriev said.

The reports on the escape of the entrepreneur were being spread by a TV-host and an ex-candidate for presidency Ksenia Sobchak, as well as a Telegram channel Nezygar. Later, the same was reported by TVC TV-channel. Gutseriev called the incident “a provocation.”

“I had to address the public and state that was a fake and another dirt. It is a dishonest and corrupted journalism. Meanwhile, the information is serious. My relatives started calling me straight away. I have relatives who are in a hospital; one of them got sick. Bankers who I relate to started calling me. Western bankers started calling me. Representatives of the exchange started calling me: “Is that true that Gutseriev is being prosecuted?” This is outrage. This is a provocation, and that’s it,” the businessman stated.

Mikhail Gutseriev’s financial industrial group SAFMAR comprises Russneft, Evroplan, Tekhnosila, Eldorado, Mospromstroy and others. The Group also owns 9 elite hotels in Moscow, Minsk and Astana. In January, SAFMAR was ranked 4th at Forbes magazine’s Kings of Russian real estate.

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