"I will live in London": underground billionaire Vershinin outsmarts security forces again 

"I will live in London": underground billionaire Vershinin outsmarts security forces again
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The underground oil king, oligarch, and gangland businessman Alexander Vershinin (Golubev) has recently fled from the police again. Today, Interpol is looking for him again; the award for helping to capture him has not yet been canceled, and the billionaire himself, according to sources, is eager to go to London to join the numerous respected diaspora of people from the 90s.

One – escape, two – escape

The escape from the police of businessman Alexander Vershinin soon risks to become a real hobby. The first time he was put on the international wanted list two years ago. On October 24, 2017, the Main MIA Directorate for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region issued an order to search for him on the territory of the Interpol member states. At that time, there was a suspicion that the oligarch might hide from the Russian justice in Finland.

They were looking for Alexander Vershinin in a criminal case about the attempted murder of two or more persons. He was also accused of hooliganism in the group. Plus, criminal proceedings were initiated against him into the threat of murder in the group and with the use of weapons.


In March 2017, a meeting on the sale of a house in the village of Mistolovo in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region took place with an “escort.” Then a mother of many children and her friends got in trouble with the guards of Vershinin. The woman escaped with fright, but the men got it all. As the investigation officially reported later, six guards of Vershinin under his leadership attacked Mercedes Gelendvagen and its passengers. Three guys were dragged out of the car, their hands were tied with building collars and beaten. Aas the media wrote, the offenders forcibly poured alcohol into the victims using a syringe and hose. The owner of the house, Ksenia Semenova, and her three children were threatened with murder. All this criminal skirmish in the style of the 90s occurred because of a house measuring 300 meters in a good place in the Vsevolozhsk district. Businessman Vershinin liked the house, and its owner did not want to sell it.

By the way, it was on the picturesque Mistolovsky plein air that Alexander Vershinin lived at that time, having a small estate there. Only it seemed to him that his property was not enough, and Semenova’s house was just suitable for expansion. It should be noted that the guards who beat the friends of the owner were in uniform with the inscription on the back of the FSO of Russia (Federal Protective Service of Russia). The police in that story took exclusively indirect participation, rather showing respect to the "authoritative" participant in the conflict. If the story did not get into the media, the investigative department of the city of Vsevolozhsk would have dealt with the banal hooliganism, which would have had no consequences. However, then, two years ago, there were the consequences. A search of the businessman’s mansion gave the investigation serious food for thought. The Kedr submachine gun with 16 cartridges, the Saiga automatic rifle with 8 cartridges and a traumatic pistol were found at Vershinin’s. The guards were detained, but the owner of the estate itself was gone.

Video: Mistolovo, crime scene

He was found it in May 2019, and not at all abroad. A major player in the black oil business was caught red-handed during an attempt to tie-in pipeline owned by Transneft Baltic in the Vladimir region. The detention turned out to be trivial – the police detained three grimy fuel bootleggers. The excavators were taken to the Vyaznikovsky police department and the police began to check the documents. One of the men on the passport was listed as Viktor Kilin, and his fingerprints coincided with the wanted St. Petersburg billionaire Alexander Vershinin.



Nevertheless, by the morning, Vershinin disappeared from the police, and in the Investigation Committee of the Leningrad Region, where the search was initiated, they learned about the escape. 

Oil, skirmishes, and pistols

The journey of Alexander Vershinin to the estates in Mistolovo began in the distant late 80s, as usual, from an illegal business. By the mid-90s, he had already made acquaintance with Vladimir Kumarin-Barsukov, Mikhail Glushchenko, and enjoyed the fame of a crime lord. In his biography there was everything: shooting from the Kalashnikov and fierce showdowns, to which he remained eager until now. There was even a period in his biography when he was the owner of a part of the shares of the Kirov factory, and his company Adel was the main sponsor of the celebration of the City Day in St. Petersburg. And he himself was driving around, having on his car a so-called "hands-off" windscreen pass – a special coupon, which could only be obtained from the head of the Main MIA Directorate. However, a gift of 20 cars, presented to the native police, most likely cost such a ticket.

In 2005, he, like some of the big respected people of St. Petersburg, changed his last name and from Golubev turned into Vershinin. In the mid-2000s, he, like many, wanted to assign a respectable status to his business and get rid of the unsightly plume of the 90s.


Alexander Vershinin (Golubev) began his criminal way in 1989 – he was convicted of embezzling socialist property. He evaporated precious metals from microcircuits in the scientific research institute. Then in the early 90s he was arrested for abducting a man, and he served 6 years. In 1999, he was shot, but he survived. In 2009, the security service of Transneft Baltic Company detained him near the Aviagorodok near the pipe with diesel fuel. He was accused of illegal tie-in, but the criminal case was hushed up. In 2013, he was arrested for beating operatives of the Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes who carried out operational support of his strange movements with large amounts of money. Then there was the charge of attempted murder in 2017.

And if businessman Vershinin managed to get out of the 90s, then these criminal years themselves didn’t want to say goodbye to him. However, his manner of doing business, too, has not changed. Despite the fact that he was the owner of a whole holding of companies, part of the name of which was Rosneft, it was difficult to call him an honest businessman. After all, in fact, he became a real scourge for the Petroleum Club of St. Petersburg, having mastered the bootlegger profession to perfection. A large-scale business on tying in foreign pipelines resulted in the organization of 15 underground refineries. Stolen fuel was brought here. Here it was mixed with oil-containing mixtures, official documents were drawn up on it, and the “legalized” oil product entered the market. Such a product was sold with a big discount, as they say, "from the wheels." Mobile modules and “branded” barrels traveled along the roads of the Leningrad region no longer detained. That was how the underground oil king Alexander Vershinin earned his first billion. Today, his fortune is estimated at 10 billion rubles ($158.6mln).

I will go to live in London

Today, the oligarch has an oil filling station in Sertolovo and a similar facility is under construction in Lyuban. Both are completely official and legal. Only now bootleggers cannot completely abandon the free oil – hence the accidental capture of the oligarch in the company of the grimy men in the Vladimir region.

True, over the past five years, companies that traded petroleum products on his behalf have prohibitively often changed their names. It should be noted that for the most part the names of these companies were consonant with the names of famous industrial titans of the oil industry, the company Rosneft – R.O.S.Promneft-Nefteprodukt, Standard-Nefteprodukt, R.O.S.Promneft, Rospromneft-Nefteprodukt,  Rospromneft.

Of course, at the same time, the business partners of these companies had the overall impression that firms were directly related to the Russian giant of the oil business. However, the behavior of CEO Vershinin made them think hard.

In addition, now in his "track record" there are five unfinished criminal cases on the fact of illegal tie-ins into foreign oil pipelines. These cases are of different time – from 2009 to 2014. In all cases, the investigation is suspended.

Last year, however, Golubev-Vershinin became the person involved in yet another criminal case. This time about tax evasion. In the summer of 2018, searches were carried out at his tank farm in Sertolovo on the Vyborg highway. The initiator of the criminal case was the ICR of the Leningrad region. According to the investigation, Vershinin, being in the position of the General Director of Rospromneft Nefteprodukt, created the appearance of maintaining economic relations with the Neva Oil company. With the help of fake tax returns, he evaded value added tax. Tax officials counted 28 million ($444,000) damage to the state.





Today, the king of the shadow oil business is again wanted. Rumors about where he went, deftly escaping from the police in the Vladimir region, are different. Some people thought that the businessman was hiding in Belarus, someone believed that he had moved to one of the southern republics, where they do not look so strictly at the tie-ins to other people's oil pipes. However, according to the latest data, Alexander Vershinin is in Poland, from where he dreams of going to the shores of Albion (using fake documents of course) and join the “labor colony” of people from the dashing 90s. Will the elusive billionaire succeed with this scam?



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