Hurricane Irma destroyed island on which Abramovich's villa is located 

Hurricane Irma destroyed island on which Abramovich's villa is located
Villa of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich

The French islands, where the property of oligarchs and celebrities is located, suffered from a devastating hurricane.⁠

The island of Saint Barthelemy, where the villa of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich is located, takes a pasting of Hurricane Irma. There is no electricity on the island, no information. However, as reported by RIA Novosti, Abramovich's coterie confirmed that the villa was on the path of a hurricane. "Although he (Abramovich - Ed.) does not visit it in recent times," said the source.

The true scale of the disaster for the island and buildings located on it will be clear later. It is known that the wind speed reached 244 kilometers per hour, with gusts up to 300 meters. The wave height reached 12 meters.

The island of Saint Barthelemy became popular among the millionaires after John Rockefeller's grandson David Rockefeller purchased here a land plot in 1957. Then many other American rich people began to settle here - the Rothschilds, Fords, etc. In 2009, Roman Abramovich bought a villa of David Rockefeller for $90 million. As Forbes writes, in a luxurious estate there are two swimming pools, tennis courts, a barbecue area and numerous buildings. The territory is a landscape park.

Абрамович и Жукова на Сен-Бартелеми

Abramovich and Zhukova at Saint Barthelemy (2012)

Яхта Абрамовича

Yacht Abramovich off the coast of Saint Barthélemy

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