Deripaska plans to retain control over Rusal

Deripaska plans to retain control over Rusal
Oleg Deripaska

According to some reports, the oligarch counts on the fact that European governments can persuade the US to ease sanctions.

The main owner of Rusal, Oleg Deripaska, plans to remain the company's main shareholder, despite the US sanctions. This is reported by Bloomberg referring to sources familiar with the situation.

Interlocutors of the agency argue that the businessman counts on the influence of Europe in this issue – namely, that the governments of the EU countries can agree with the US authorities on mitigation of sanctions.

It is to be recalled that on April 6, the US Ministry of Finance published a sanctions list, which included the names of 38 Russians, as well as companies. Three days later, the companies Rusal and En + Group owned by Oleg Deripaska, who was included in this list, lost half their value due to the collapse of shares in the stock markets. By April 25, Deripaska’s fortune decreased by $ 3.8 billion.

Later, the US Treasury sounded a condition – if Deripaska refuses to control the company, then the sanctions against Rusal will be lifted. Head of the Russian Anti-Monopoly Agency Igor Artemiev did not rule out that the businessman’s share in the company can be nationalized.



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