How Tambovskaya gang nightmarizes Deripaska

How Tambovskaya gang nightmarizes Deripaska
Shot callers attack Deripaska Photo: The CrimeRussia

Only a few months passed, and the large-scale project of Oleg Deripaska to rebuild the famous market of St. Petersburg - Apraksin Dvor - bite the dust. Today, Smolny's thresholds face the new challenger, Piter concern, the company of criminal world lord Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin.

Attempt number five

As we have already mentioned, the structures of tycoon Deripaska tormented ten years, trying to implement an odious project to turn a criminal enclave into a respectable shopping center. A significant stumbling block was several buildings-monuments protected by the state. The project of the Deripaska’s company Glavstroy-SPb provided for the demolition of many buildings, while the monuments were exclusively reconstructed. As a result, the project, which began with pomp, ended with nothing. But if there is a gap, something will fill it, and now the Piter concern announced its readiness to reconstruct the oldest market of St. Petersburg. 


Apraksin Dvor

According to the media, the project was presented by Studio 44 of Nikita Yavein, which the Council for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage approved in 2017. Instead of the St. Petersburg Cherkizon, there will be a recreational zone, shopping centers elite housing, hotels, restaurants, and cultural institutions will appear. So they want to raise the pearl of the historical center of St. Petersburg, which will not be a right place for foreign visitors and tourists. According to our data, the city authorities reacted favorably to the new proposal. Moreover, the new project is ten times cheaper than the one proposed by Deripaska.


City authorities have tried to reorganize Apraksin Dvor three times. The last attempt failed in 2008-2012, when Smolny, having coordinated the renovation project, could not convince the owners of the premises to implement it. To date, 60% of the complex's buildings are owned by private individuals, who do not long to take part in the reconstruction for various reasons. The fourth attempt was the renovation of Glavstroy-SPb CJSC, but the company failed. Initially, the project was estimated at 28 billion rubles ($442m), by the end of 2017 - already 40 billion rubles ($695m). Piter concern is going to rebuild Apraksin Dvor investing only 7 billion rubles ($110m).

How to realize such a project for so modest amount is unknown. But the Piter, in contrast to the structures of Deripaska, has a substantial advantage. The fact is that the company historically owns several buildings at Apraksin Dvor. As the media found, the new developer owns 43 thousand square meters. Apraksin Dvor that is, more than a quarter of the total area.

Quite move

In the late 80's - early 90's Piter commercial center was the only company that received contracts for the organization of the largest markets of the city - Apraksin Dvor, Sennaya Square and Sennaya market. This company belonged, according to our information, to the Tambovskaya gang. Already after Glavstroy-SPb had filed a lot of arbitrazh claims with Smolny, rumors appeared that the Tambovskaya want to regain its lost positions, although in fact, for many years the concern simply quietly picked up parts of the Apraksin market.



According to official data, in 1992 the concern was engaged in repair of the Apraksin Dvor. Then the company bought several buildings. And two years ago Piter purchased the famous Lenizdat building, which adjoins the market. In fact, the idea to reconstruct Apraksin Dvor appeared two years ago. For example, the renaming of one of the structures of the concern, engaged in real estate, into the Investment and Construction Company Apraksin Dvor, hints at severe circumstances.

Even earlier, the company was planning to resettle part of the Apraksin Dvor traders to a new market on the Moskovskoe Highway, which is designed to build for these purposes. According to our information, this was a ‘curtsey’ towards some of the diasporas that agreed to move, reached with the participation of influential Tambovskaya leaders.


Already, the concern has applied for the use of several buildings located at Apraksin Dvor, which it owns together with the city authorities. Legally, this means that the concern has carte blanche to carry out works with the specified buildings. It should be noted that the projects for the reconstruction of these buildings have already passed historical and cultural expertise and were agreed by the Committee for State Control, Use, and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments (KGIOP).


Apraksin Dvor, built in the second half of the XVIII century, is an architectural monument. It is one of the oldest ensembles in the Northern Capital (264 years old). Here are located 66 buildings, built from the middle of the XVIII to the middle of the XIX century; all of them are protected by the rule of law. The complex of buildings occupies 14 hectares; about 3 thousand shops are located there.

As we have already mentioned, some sources believe that Oleg Deripaska lost his cherished estate and a profitable contract out of the above-mentioned concern. Other sources state that between the criminal syndicate (which includes representatives of all diasporas holding Apraksin Dvor) and Tambovskaya, reached a specific agreement. Diasporas support Piter getting rid of the influence of the oligarch hanging over the market as a sword of Damocles, and in return receive a part of retail space in a new multi-purpose leisure center. In the end, there is always a place for people who want to transfer their criminal or semi-criminal business to the legal sphere. Piter will gain 60% of proceeds and diasporas will get the remaining part. As it turned out, of the mentioned 7 billion, announced for the project, the concern invested only 1.5 billion. The rest of the funds will be solicited from third parties. However, there is no official information about the loans taken by the company.


Also, the company officially declares that it has the billions required for the renovation of Apraksin Dvor, and does not hurry to answer journalists' questions about how the issue with the rest of the owners will be resolved.

If proceeded from behind-the-scenes rumors, the concern does not need to resolve issues with owners, the negotiations between respected people are enough.

And Deripaska remonstrates

According to our information, Oleg Deripaska was very angry when he learned that Tambovskaya shot callers managed to trick him and actually ‘bury’ his ambitious project. It is unknown why Deripaska needed Apraskin Dvor, but Piter maintained the nuisance. Then the officials commented, they stated that Glavstroy-SPb was going to fight for the project. Also, the structures of the oligarch reminded some commercial organizations that they also own buildings in Apraskin Dvor with an area of 2300 square meters. This means only one thing; Deripaska demonstrated his pocket and would use this argument in negotiations with Barsukov-Kumarin's henchmen that will take place soon.


Oleg Deripaska

Also, no one will be able to prevent the oligarch from turning the clock back and initiate the hostilities with diasporas. He can make an offer that's hard to resist. Moreover, he has at least five long years, which are necessary for the Piter company for the design and actual implementation of the project.

In May 2018, the city authorities were engaged in the forced expulsion of illegal traders. They acted as Moscow Mayor Sobyanin, destroying kiosks. The bodies are full of courage and declare that by the end of the summer they will ruin all illegal trade pavilions. Plans are vigorous and impressive but will be they implemented? It turns out that the city authorities have been expelling merchants from the Apraskin Dvor for 20 years already, and they are still there. So far, the city has managed to clear 1.5 thousand of 52 thousand square meters.


Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin

Thus, it can be stated that the St. Petersburg Cherkizon may face a battle of diasporas against the oligarch. Sources say that the war between the oligarch and respected businessmen who have recently arrived from Spain is inevitable.

As you know, Vladimir Barsukov-Kumarin is very reluctant to part with occupied positions, moreover, Deripaska is an outsider. Therefore, an amicable resolution of the conflict is impossible. 



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