How deputies’ and officials’ wives ponce 

How deputies’ and officials’ wives ponce
Denis Voronenkov and Maria Maksakova-Igenbers met in the State Duma near a printer

High-ranking officials' wives live in castles and wear dresses made of exotic flowers.

American Vogue made its readers a present on the 8th of March. To make them laugh at Russian nouveaux riches, the magazine interviewed famous Moscow fashionista Ilona Stolye, wife of deputy of the Edinaya Rissiya party and the member of the State Duma Taxation and Revenue Committee Vitaly Uyzhilin. The woman confessed that she had spent roughly half a million dollars on the Rodarte clothes only. She considers such hobby as good investments.

It became curious for us who else has reliable backup and support represented by officials.


Photo: Ilona Stolye and her private submarine (

Deputy Vitaly Uyzhilin owned a logistic company and used to appear in various Forbes lists but then he decided to go into cash and to get rid of the assets that yielded him $600 million. That made tabloids shift their interest from his spendings to his wife Ilona’s.

Into her interview for an American magazine Ilona Stolye made a declaration of love to luxurious the Rodarte brand and compared upmarket shopping and investments. There appeared to be about 70 dresses made of laces, feathers and scales produced by this brand in her “collection”. Taking into account the average price of $7 thousands, the total cost of these clothes is about half a million. And it is only about “Rodarte” clothes. 

However, Ilona has never hidden her passion towards premium shopping which makes less lucky beauties jealous. Not a day goes by that she does not post a photo of her new several-million-rubles-bag or a selfie with brilliants which size is approximately the same with some Rublyovka babes’ brains.


Photo: shopping (from Ilona Stole's instagram)

The area of Ilona’s wardrobe is approximately 50 square meters but it does not seem so big for Vitaly Uzhilin’s maison. The house is so huge that it becomes not that easy to find their servants. According to Ilona, there are 20 of them: nurses, tutors, cooks, five maids, two administrators, three gardeners and drivers. All these people are necessary to make landlords feel like they are in paradise in their 1,5 hectare area with some willows around and a small pond.

By the way, Stolye’s house interior consists of antiques only: hall is decorated with Chanel glass cabinet and you may put on some boots made of crocodile leather while sitting down on a chair, which was previously installed into sank liner Transatlantic.


Photo: Ilona Stole and "Bentley" (

Another lionne Elena Likhach is on the same wavelength with Stolye. Her husband is the deputy of the Edina Rossiya political party and works in the State Duma’s CIS Committee Andrey Skoch.

Personals describe their life as follows: «Skoch always demonstrates his love to Elena by presenting her diamond diadem or private jet A-320 with icons inside. Being royally calm, Elena does not pay attention to evil tongues, which attribute streetwise past to her husband, the member of the Inter-Fractional Deputy Group protecting Christian values. Anyway, this couple simply disarmingly signs up charity checks». And also: «Andrey Skoch’s greatheartedness is usually evaluated in carats». And in yachts, which Elena uses to organize grandiose parties for her powerful and wealthy friends. But mr. Skoch possessing $5.7 billion may let himself not only this. Recently, Andrey and Elena reported about their divorce in spite of still appearing everywhere together and being lewd with each other.


Photo: Daughter of the Senator and wife of the Ministry's official Yaroslavl Duma goes shopping by her private jet (

At the same time glamorous parties queen Alyona Soboleva really divorced with member of Estate and Building Committee of the State Duma Ildar Samiyev, and she had what to lose. As it is said in the Tatler: «Alyona walked in golden slippers literally. There was everything in this wedlock: the private jet, decorated with ostrich leather, the only one in the world canary-yellow Bentley Mulsanne, Alla Pugachyova concert on their daughter’s birthday party, the dress made of rare clove flowers, yellow diamonds as big as walnuts are».

Although, the canary-yellow Bentley seems to be nothing in comparison with the castle that Ildar gifted to Alyona on her birthday. Fortunately for Alyona, she did not have to suffer without all this luxury. After divorce with Smiyev, she moved to the other deputy’s castle.


Townhouse for the wife instead of houses for military officers

Top ranking officials usually like women with «stories». So, SEO of the Oboronstroy Timur Ivanov rapidly got together with Svetlana Zakharova after her divorce with businessman Mikhail Manovich.

- Once my ex-wife told me: «I have been progressing for the last three years. Conversely to you. I became a fashion icon, a fashion business specialist, and you are still on the same position». It is good to be a fashion icon - but it is on my money. Svetlana’s fashion business was absolutely unprofitable and I was trying to keep it afloat, - Maniovich remembers their family life; - my wife demands at least $50 thousands a month!

However, this amount of money is not a problem for the head of the Oboronstroy.

Straight after the wedding Svetlana shifted from her red Bentley, presented by her ex-husband, to the black Aston Martin, gifted by the new one. The couple settled down in the two-storey townhouse in Ostozhenka Street. Published by the Vogue: «She had to observe a great quantity of luxurious flats with low ceilings, pretentious and old-fashioned renovations, before she found this one: big, full of sunshine, open to the world as an ocean liner and safe and separated from the others as if it is a castle at the same time». Happy wife of a person, who is accountable for houses for military officers, wakes up every day because of fresh flowers smell.


Photo: Altona Soboleva received from her husband deputy Ildar Samiyev castle on the Lake of Geneva coast

- I send her huge bouquets, at least 100 flowers in each one. Once I sent her a basket with 501 tulips inside, - brags the official.

More and more interesting details of the family life of Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov and Olympic champion Tatyana Navka appears. It turned out that they got to know each other in 2001. It happened on the birthday party of their common friend. Peskov invited Navka to dance together while the song from the «9 1/2 weeks» film was playing. Tatyana discovered that the man she liked is Putin’s press-secretary only afterwards, when her friend told her.


Photo: Andrey Skotch frames his lover Elena Lihatch with diamonds

Kirilenko got married being pregnant

The State Duma deputy Andrey Lugovoy also did not manage to conceal his marriage. Ksenia Pivovarova, the ex-dancer from Nahodka, became his choice. They have been celebrating the event in winemaking reserve Abrau-Durso on the Black Sea coast during three days. Everyone was wearing thematic clothes. For instance, everyone came under the guise of Russian patriots wearing traditional Cossack costumes. Guests were transported to the reserve by helicopters.

Marrying the member of power ministries, Ksenia rapidly found her place in Moscow beau-monde. And it is not a surprise, since her husband presented her a restaurant business as a wedding present.

It is not quite clear what Head of the State Services Committee of Moscow Alexey Stepanov presented to his bride - tennis player Maria Kirilenko. But she clearly was not so conscious about gifts. Their wedding took place in January, 2015, and in July in the same year a son Mikhail was born in the family. That is why the athlete was hiding details of their relationships and the marriage became a surprise for publicity. Kirilenko was together with hockey celebrity Aleksander Ovechkin for three years and was even engaged with him, that is why her sudden marriage generated lots of gossips. But the answer was very simple: Masha was waiting a baby from Alexey.


Video: Maria Kirilenko and Head of the State Services Committee of Moscow Alexey Stepanov

A similar story has happened to Miroslava Duma (the most stylish girl in the capital, according to lots of magazines) and Head of the Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Alexey Mikheyev. Daughter of the member of the Federation Council Vasily Duma came to know her groom when she was a journalist in the Harper’s Bazaar and they became inseparable since that moment. Alexey does his best to support Miroslava's hobbies.

Marrige of two State Duma deputies: Denis Voronenkov and Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs may be called roughly equal. What we mean by saying «roughly»: he is a communist, the owner of a big auto park and real estates, she is an opera singer. Their honeymoon was spoilt by the Russian Investigative Committee. The Committee decided to check Voronenkov, who is a member of the Anti-Corruption Committee, in connection with the case of $5 million raiding.


Photo: Svetlana Zakharava - the "winner" of the main tender of Head of Oboronstroy Timur Ivanov

Vice Prime Ministers’ wives

*There are two more top ranking ladies who keep themselves aloof. Both are wives of deputies of the Government’s Chairman.

Olga Shuvalova, according to the latest official declaration, earned more than 222 million rubles in 2012. Despite the fact of being the richest member of the Government, Vice Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov is a very economical in his everyday life. For example, he cuts his hair in economy-class hairdressing studio nearby «Akademicheskaya» subway station and spends only 700 rubles.

*Metrosexual Arkadiy Shuvalov conversely spends lots of money to keep fit and beautiful. But according to declaration he does that on his wife’s money, who is the chairman of the Board in several Russian companies of Zumrud Rustamova, whose annual profit is 60 million rubles.



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