Gutseriev recovered debt in form of unique business center 

Gutseriev recovered debt in form of unique business center
Dominion Tower

The building was designed by world famous architect Zaha Hadid.

The Safmar Group of Companies’ structure, owned by the oligarch Gutseriev, became the owner of the unique business center Dominion Tower - the only work of the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid in Moscow. RBC reports this.

According to the source of the edition, the structures of Gutseriev recovered the business center from the previous owner DominionM as payment for the loan taken by the company in MDM Bank. Last November, MDM Bank merged with Binbank, owned by the Safmar Group of Companies.

DominionM belongs to the Peresvet-Invest development group, which is one of the largest Peresvet bank’s mutuary. This credit organization, according to RBC, is the structure that serves the financial interests of the ROC. In the autumn of 2016 it became known about the ‘hole’ in the Peresvet bank’s assets. Peresvet-Invest lost almost 8 billion rubles ($142m). However, according to the source of RBC, the situation with Peresvet is not related to the debts of DominionM, and the transaction for the transfer of Dominion Tower was completed in the summer of 2016.

The construction of the Dominion Tower began in 2008 and lasted seven years, until the fall of 2015. Its architect was a world-famous architect, the only woman, who won the Pritzker Prize, Zaha Hadid. Dominion Tower is the only project in Moscow. Despite this, the building is not popular for a number of reasons. Experts note that the business center building was unsuccessfully located - in the southeast of Moscow, in Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Street. In addition, the price of the premises is above the market, 24 thousand rubles ($427) per square meters with an average price of 20 thousand rubles ($356) per square meter. According to experts, it is possible to rent premises at such a high cost in a similar business center close to the Sadovoe Ring.

In this regard, the cost of the building is at the level of the funds invested in it, about 2.5 billion rubles ($44.5m), provided that it is fully occupied. At the moment, the only tenant of the building is the Housing and Utilities Fund, which occupies about 35% of all areas. Their lease expires at the end of 2017.

Zaha Halid has another realized project in Russia. This is the villa Capital Hill Residence area of ​​2.6 thousand square meters, built in the Moscow region Barvikha. The rest of her projects remained on paper.

Capital Hill Residence

Capital Hill Residence

Already after the death of the architect in March 2016, her company Zaha Hadid Architects won a tender for the creation of an IT-park plan for Sberbank, which is planned to be built in Skolkovo until 2020. Investments in the project amount to about 20 billion rubles ($356m).



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