Giant yacht of Russian oligarch Melnichenko frightened residents of Gibraltar 

Giant yacht of Russian oligarch Melnichenko frightened residents of Gibraltar
The length of the new sailing ship is 1.5 times as large as the length of a standard football field

The sailing monster with futuristic design by Philip Stark is not the only luxury yacht owned by beneficiary of EuroChem, SUEK and SGK.

One of the world's largest sailing yacht, owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, arrived in Gibraltar to pass the test, which will take several months.

Built on the German Nobiskrug shipyard in Kiel, the sailing yacht successfully completed sea trials in the Baltic Sea. Along the coast of the Iberian Peninsula, it will have long-running and acceptance tests, after which it will be handed over to the owner.

According to The Sun, the construction of a giant sailing ship, which with its futuristic appearance is obliged to the eminent French designer Philip Stark, took four years.


There is a version that the letter "A" on Melnichenko's yacht is dedicated to his wife

Its cost is 360 million pounds (423 million euros) and the length - 468 feet (142.5 meters). It is reported that the height of the three masts of a new Melnichenko's sailboat is 300 feet (91 meters). And with the housing the 8-deck yacht is much greater than the height of London's Big Ben.

Although, one of the match is hollow inside and is provided with a spiral staircase, the crew is no need to go upstairs. The Sun writes that thanks to high technology, sail boat's canvas can be hoisted by a simple click.

The design of rotating around its axis decks allows the mast to move the giant ship with a cruising speed of 20.8 knots (40 km/h), even with relatively light winds.

The yacht is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable sea cruise of the billionaire and 20 of his guests (the ship is designed for this quantity of guests) - a spa club, artificial beach, gym, helipad, garage for four cars, which will be needed during the landing on the shore, and even his own submarine.


Besides sails, the ship can be driven by a hybrid diesel-electric power plant (two diesel power 3.6000 kW each and two electric motors at 4.3000 kW). The upper bridge is equipped with a touch-screen control system.

It is worth noting that the giant sailing yacht, which impressed the Pyrenees residents and tourists, is not the only property in the 39-year-old Russian billionaire. He owns several modern ships of Luxury-class. Together with his wife Alexandra, the former Serbian model and pop star, the billionaire lives in a splendid fashion.

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Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenkos

The state of Andrey Melnichenko is estimated at 13 billion euros (11th in the Russian Forbes, 97th in the top-100 richest people in the world). Melnichenko is the founder of MDM-Bank and the beneficiary of EuroChem with a share of 90%, SUEK (92%) and LLC SGK (92%).

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