Fugitive businessman Kapchuk asks Putin for protection after surrendering to Russia

Fugitive businessman Kapchuk asks Putin for protection after surrendering to Russia
Sergei Kapchuk

The former deputy claims that the Western special services are after him.

Sergei Kapchuk, the Russian fugitive entrepreneur and former deputy, wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The businessman asks the head of state for protection and assistance in his return to the country. According to Kapchuk, Western special services have been hunting him.

"To avoid provocations on the part of Western special services, I ask you to give permission to the appropriate agencies to ensure I have a safe flight from Zagreb (Croatia) to Moscow," the letter said.

He also asks Putin to instruct the agencies to conduct a "fair investigation" of the case against him. "I am willing to cooperate," Kapchuk said in the letter.

The letter was passed to the president through the business ombudsman, Boris Titov, according to Ren-TV.

As the Crime Russia wrote previously, the Russian businessman and deputy Sergei Kapchuk surrendered to Russia while in Zagreb after he had been granted political asylum in Britain a few days ago.

He stated that after he refused to testify against Russia on the "Skripals case," he was no longer persecuted. British media wrote that Kapchuk could become another target for the Russian special services, while the runaway businessman claimed that the attempted murder of the ex-colonel and his daughter was a scheme planned by Western politicians to justify the Syria attacks.

Russia found Kapchuk guilty of fraud. His brother Konstantin, who was also one of the defendants, spent a year behind bars and was pardoned. Sergei Kapchuk was declared wanted under an international arrest warrant.

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