Friend of Marugov's son revealed details about family drama 

Friend of Marugov's son revealed details about family drama
Alexander Marugov

According to a friend, the deceased Alexander Marugov took his parents' divorce very hard, because his father stopped communicating with him, having left them for another family.

A friend of Alexander Marugov, a son of well-known businessman Vladimir Marugov, who died in a car accident, told the details of a family drama that happened because of the businessman's divorce from his wife, poetess Tatyana Marugova.

According to Yevgeny, a friend, Alexander was very worried lately, because his father, having gone to another family, stopped communicating with him and even threatened him.

“His father said that he wanted to bring them down, destroy. As it turned out, his words and thoughts transpired to be material. I am sure that he did not want everything to happen this way,” says the friend of the deceased to REN TV, noting that he had known Sasha since he was a baby.


Vladimir Marugov

“In spite of his external success in life — wealthy parents, good education, a seemingly beautiful life — he was a very religious man, served in the temple, had a confessor,” says Yevgeny.

He adds that though Sasha was wealthy, he knew the value of money, did not spend it like water, lived "consciously and maturely." As for extreme sports, Alexander was no stranger to it - he started riding motorcycles since when he was 10.

"They traveled a lot with his father both around the world and Russia. On motorcycles. I think he was a very skillful driver. This is a tragic accident,” Yevgeny is sure.


As previously written by The CrimeRussia, Alexander Marugov died in a motorcycle accident, crashing into a taxi car at high speed. The incident occurred on Frunzenskaya Embankment. Alexander died in hospital.


The Marugovs divorce was loud and scandalous. Tatyana accused Vladimir of dumping them for a young mistress and threatening to bleed them dry. The businessman, who is called a “sausage king,” in turn, replied that his ex-wife was trying to use him.



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