Who tops Forbes list of Russian billionaires?

Who tops Forbes list of Russian billionaires?
Aleksey Mordashov

This time the list was headed by owner of Severstal (vertically-integrated steelmaking and mining company) Aleksey Mordashov.

The Forbes magazine published a new rating of Russian billionaires. This time, owner of Severstal Aleksey Mordashov is on the top of the list with a fortune in $16.8 billion.

Previous leader of the rating Leonid Mikhelson has lost $2.2 billion according to the estimates of the magazine - his fortune is estimated in $16.2 billion at the moment and it is the second spot of the rating. Reduction of prices of Novatek’s (Russian gas company) stocks became the main reason of such a sharp recession, in comparison with February 2017 they have fallen in price almost by a quarter.

The main owner of NLMK (iron and steel company) Vladimir Lisin closes top three as it was in February, with the result in $16.1 billion. It is possible that next time he may force Michelson out of the second spot.

It is remarkable that according to Bloomberg both Mikhelson and Lisin are losing not only to Mordashov but also to Vladimir Potanin ($16.6 billion) and Viktor Vekselberg ($15.5 billion).



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