Ex-wife of Deripaska has affair with Abramovich’s partner 

Ex-wife of Deripaska has affair with Abramovich’s partner
Polina Yumasheva

Russian media call Gorodilov "a part of Abramovich's team."

Polina Yumasheva, an ex-wife of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, was caught in a company of businessman Andrey Gorodilov. As Super.ru portal reports, they are in a romantic relationship. It is noted that she appeared at the wedding of oligarch Alexander Chigirinsky’s daughter accompanied by the closest partner of Roman Abramovich.

As the newspaper pens, she spent all the evening with her 47-year-old lover. They hugged, communicated with friends and danced together.

Andrey Gorodilov, 47, has never been married and has no children. Russian media call Gorodilov "a part of Abramovich's team." According to the data of SPARK-Interfax, Gorodilov owns 50 percent of the Prodo shares.

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