Ex-financier and ‘Chechen natives’: New details on mansion stolen from Chubays

Ex-financier and ‘Chechen natives’: New details on mansion stolen from Chubays
Anatoly Chubays

Parnas political party member Musa Sadaev became a new defendant in late 2017. He is accused of stealing 70 million rubles ($1.2 million) worth of items from Anatoly Chubays’s house.

The police began investigating what may be considered an attempted theft of Rosnano CEO Anatoly Chubays’s Peredelkino house in 2016. It arrested former Chubays’s business partner and financier Ilya Suchkov back then. He was charged with extorting about $20 million (at the contemporary exchange rate). Now, Parnas political party member Musa Sadaev has also become a defendant. He is accused of stealing 70 million rubles’ worth of items from Anatoly Chubays’s house. Anatoly Chubays suffered more than 1 billion rubles ($17.4 million) in damage, according to investigators.

Suchkov registered himself as the owner of Chubays’s real estate in September 2016. He was responsible for managing Chubays’s personal assets at the time. One of the projects he supervised was the Peredelkino mansion construction.

Chubays had claimed Ilya Suchkov and the ‘Chechen natives’ blackmailed and extorted money from him. Suchkov wanted Chubays to buy the house the former had built in Peredelkino. He wanted $50 million for the house. Chubays began receiving recordings of his business meetings and messages threatening to publish them after he refused.

It is worth mentioning that the 2.6 thousand sq m house, 2 guest houses, and other buildings are under arrest. Borrowed money was used to fund the construction; O1 Trust Services ltd owned by Chubays’s friend and billionaire Boris Mints is demanding $36 million back. The company is one of the largest borrowers. Suchkov claimed the house was SFO Concept’s investment project and that the company provided 50% of the necessary funding. Suchkov insists Chubays was to later buy the house but changed his mind.

Ilya Suchkov was arrested for attempted fraud in 2016. Musa Sadaev became a defendant and was put in jail in late summer – early September of 2017. It stands to reasons to suggest he was the one to whom Chubays had referred to as ‘Chechen natives’. Sadaev was charged with violation of Art. 158 (Theft) of the Russian Criminal Code. Thieves stole hardware and 13 TVs worth more than 70 million rubles, according to the Mash Telegram channel. However, Sadaev was later charged with violation of article 159 (Swindling) of the code. The police are now investigating into him alongside Ilya Suchkov.

Sadaev’s attorney Vyacheslav Makarov believes charges against his client are bogus.

“Some people say the thieves stole even parquet. That is not true; everything is where it is supposed to be. No one stole 13 TVs,” according to Makarov, as quoted by Business FM. Claims of attempted house theft are also bogus, Makarov believes.

The 4.351 sq m mansion was completed in 2015. There are 2 floors (2.660 sq m) in the mansion and a 586 sq m guest house.

There is a luxurious recreational SPA with a 16 sq m slate-clad pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a massage parlor, an indoor and outdoor GYM, a cinema, and a playground for children. There is a service area with 3 parking areas for 40 cars, a carwash, a service center with a laundry, ironing, and drying areas, and a garage with a small car service. There is a 737 sq m guards’ house, too. All the buildings have thick stone walls. The complex is further reinforced with bulletproof glass.



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