Dubai court rejects billionaire Akhmedov's ex-wife claim to seize superyacht

Dubai court rejects billionaire Akhmedov's ex-wife claim to seize superyacht
Tatiana Akhmedova Photo: TASS

The former wife of billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov tried to defend her right to the 115-meter yacht Luna, which was previously arrested in the framework of the divorce proceedings. This is one of the most expensive divorces in history.

Dubai court rejected the lawsuit of former wife of Russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov (69th place in the Forbes list, $1.4 billion) Tatiana, who claimed the rights to the 115-meter Luna yacht worth $492 million arrested by the decision of the London court in the divorce process. It is reported by Gulf News, citing a court decision.

Also, the court ordered Tatiana Akhmedova to compensate for the legal costs of the former spouse, which he incurred to pay for the services of the lawyer. The Luna superyacht, according to The National, is still anchored in the port of Rashid in the United Arab Emirates.

A statement of Farkhad Akhmedov's representative, which reached RBC, states that the decision of the Dubai Court is “a major victory in the clash of the Russian businessman for the release of the Luna superyacht from unlawful arrest, where it was dragged into a legal battle to resolve a divorce in the UK.”

“They also rejected Tatiana’s demands that Dubai should support orders to freeze assets owned by the Akhmedov family’s fund, including Luna. <...> Today’s decision paves the way for the release of Luna, one of the most luxurious superyachts in the world,” the statement said.

Luna yacht was arrested by the London court on April 19. The arrest was imposed in the framework of ensuring payments to Tatiana Akhmedova. In 2016, the High Court of London ruled in favor of her, awarding her £453 million (almost $600 million) sharing property. The court stated that Farkhad Akhmedov tried to hide the yacht from justice and moved it to Dubai, where, in his opinion, it would be "beyond the reach of a British court decision."

Akhmedov purchased the yacht in 2014; it belonged to Roman Abramovich. It can accommodate 49 team members; its length is 115m.

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