Deripaska's lawsuit against foreign media satisfied

Deripaska's lawsuit against foreign media satisfied
Oleg Deripaska

Publications in foreign media entailed sanctions against the Russian billionaire.

The Krasnodar Region Arbitration Court upheld the claim of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska to the British publications The Times and The Telegraph, as well as American The Nation, Kommersant reports. The court ordered these publications to publish refutations of the articles, which resulted in US sanctions being imposed on Deripaska.

The defendant failed to appear at the hearing and did not respond to the lawsuit, Oleg Deripaska's spokesman Aleksey Melnikov said. At the same time, Melnikov admitted that the defendant publications are following the process and may appeal the court decision.

As a result of the sanctions, Deripaska's net worth declined by more than 80%. In the United States, the entrepreneur was suspected of participating in a campaign to influence the local presidential election, as well as relations with the criminal world.



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