Deripaska pays almost a million dollars to lobbyists in the US

Deripaska pays almost a million dollars to lobbyists in the US
Oleg Deripaska

The entrepreneur has achieved the abolition of sanctions for his companies, having lost a controlling stake.

Since May of last year, Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska has paid $108.500 monthly to his lobbyists from the American company Mercury Public Affairs to persuade the US Department of Treasury to deal with En+. It is reported by The Bell citing its source.

According to the publication, lobbyists have developed a Barker plan. Gregory Barker, the En+ board chairman, proposed that the US Department of Treasury lift sanctions on Deripaska’s companies in exchange for his refusal of controlling shares, citing the need to save jobs, avoid an aluminum deficit, and China's control of Rusal.

In preparing the arguments, Mercury asked Germany, Sweden, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, France and Jamaica for data on the impact of sanctions on the economies of countries and the role of Deripaska's companies in the labor market.

On January 28, the USA lifted sanctions against Deripaska's Rusal, En+ and Eurosibenergo companies, but not from the billionaire himself. Deripaska transferred control shares to other persons.



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