Da Vinci’s masterpiece purchased from billionaire Rybolovlev for record $450m to be exhibited in Abu Dhabi

Da Vinci’s masterpiece purchased from billionaire Rybolovlev for record $450m to be exhibited in Abu Dhabi
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The most expensive work of art in the auction history will be exhibited at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The name of person who bought the painting The Savior of the World by Leonardo Da Vinci from billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev is still unknown.

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi will receive a masterpiece of Italian master Leonardo Da Vinci The Savior of the World, which last month was bought at Christie's auction for $450 million from Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, in his collection. Bloomberg reports this.

The auction house said that the masterpiece would bend steps towards the museum in Abu Dhabi, without specifying whether the museum became a buyer of the picture. The museum has already published a tweet, indicating that the picture will indeed be exhibited there.

The Art Museum of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi was opened this year in the capital of the UAE. France agreed to lease paintings from its own museums to the Louvre in Abu Dhabi in 2007 for a sum from $800 million to $1 billion. About 300 exhibits from the Louvre, the Center Georges Pompidou, Versailles have already moved to the museum. In particular, Abu Dhabi rents the Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Leonardo da Vinci and painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David.

"We are pleased that the picture will be exhibited again," said Christie's spokesperson.

It is believed that the Savior of the World is the last picture of Da Vinci, which was kept in a private collection. Rybolovlev bought it in 2013 for $127.5 million from art dealer Yves Bouvier along with some other canvases. The deal with the Swiss art dealer resulted in a court proceeding, which continues to this day. Rybolovlev believes that Bouvier deceived him to buy paintings at an inflated price.

The representative of the billionaire ($7.3 billion) later reported that the sale of Da Vinci's masterpiece "conduced partially restore the value of the Rybolovlev’s collection".

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