Crimean authorities put up 43 arrested apartments of Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky for sale

Crimean authorities put up 43 arrested apartments of Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky for sale
Igor Kolomoisky

The total cost of apartments in an elite house 500 meters from the coast is 174.6 million rubles ($2.9m).⁠

The authorities of Crimea are going to sell 43 elite apartments, formerly owned by the firms of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, by auction. In addition, the gas stations and the property of a boarding house with a children's camp will be on sale.

Previously Kolomoisky's property was nationalized by the Republic.

Recall that in 2015 the Russian court seized 71 real estate objects of Igor Kolomoisky, all these facilities are located on the territory of the Crimea. This measure was taken as part of the investigation of the criminal case on the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities in the territory of Donbass.

The elite house, in which the flats on sale are situated, is located in Yalta on the 8, Rudanskogo street. It is located 500 meters from the embankment of the Black Sea. The total cost of apartments sold is 174.6 million rubles ($2.9m). The area of ​​apartments varies from 42 to 150 square meters, and the cost of 1 square meter is from 55 to 60 thousand rubles (~$972).

Local authorities noted that such low prices are due to the fact that apartments in the VIP house are sold shell and core. Otherwise, the cost would be from 88 to 300 thousand rubles (~$3251) per 1 sq.m. The starting price of the cheapest apartment of 42 square meters is 2.5 million rubles ($41.900).

In addition to 43 apartments, 5 petrol stations, real estate of the Geolog pension, located on the territory of the Gurzuf urban settlement, and real estate of the children's health camp named after. V. Dubinin, located in the territory of Alushta.

According to the appraisers, the minimum cost of gas stations is over 83 million rubles ($1.3), the real estate of the boarding house is more than 38 million rubles ($637.000), and the property of the children's camp is about 37 million rubles ($620.220).

If the parliamentarians of the Republic vote for the decision of the deputies of the Crimean State Council during the next session, then GAO Dispatching Directorate of the Property of the Republic of Crimea will be able to meet the planned indicators of non-tax revenues to the budget of the Crimea for 2017.

It is also noted that all proceeds will be used to pay compensation to Crimean investors, whose savings "hovered" in Privatbank of Igor Kolomoisky in 2014.



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