Chelyabinsk oligarch Aristov crashed second car in three years 

Chelyabinsk oligarch Aristov crashed second car in three years
Accident scene

The accident happened when Alexander Aristov was leaving the regional government.

Chelyabinsk saw oligarch Alexander Aristov crashing a second car in the last three years, reports Ura.Ru. A Hyundai Getz, which was backing up, crashed into his Lamborghini Avendator Roadster LP 700-4.

According to eyewitnesses, the oligarch was driving the regional government to Sovetskaya Street, from where he turned into Kommuny Street near Kuba shopping and entertainment center. There, he ran into a driver who was backing up from the parking lot. Aristov left, leaving a guard at the scene.

Businessman Alexander Aristov is known in Chelyabinsk for his love of luxury cars. His collection features two Rolls-Royces, a Ferrari, Maybach and other cars.


In 2016, Aristov sued an employee with the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, Vyacheslav Kantemirov, who crashed into his Rolls-Royce Phantom on a VAZ-2114. The court ordered the perpetrator of the accident to pay the oligarch compensation of 3 million rubles ($46.5 thousand) for the dented door of the foreign car. Aristov subsequently stated that he would transfer the money to Kantemirov's daughter from his first marriage, and that he was suing "not for compensation, but out of principle."


Alexander Aristov, together with Yury Antipov, owns agro-holding Ariant (named after the first letters of the co-owners' names) and other companies.



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