Billionaire sues his lover’s ex businessman Polonsky in London court to get Miami villa

Billionaire sues his lover’s ex businessman Polonsky in London court to get Miami villa
Trotsenko asks to transfer the case on real estate of Polonsky in Miami to the London Arbitration Court. Photo: The CrimeRussia

According to the lawyer of the scandalous developer, the actual owner of the legacy of Miraks corporation often meets with the ex-wife of Polonsky and wants to sue real estate in Miami for her. Thus, Trotsenko tries to influence the financial position of the ex-business partner. Earlier the owner of Aeon company was ready to pay a deposit of 20 million rubles ($349.6 thousand) for the release of Polonsky from the pre-trial detention center.⁠

The court of Miami-Dade County (Florida, USA) received a statement of claim from billionaire Roman Trotsenko to Sergey Polonsky, who is currently in a Moscow pretrial detention facility. It concerns the right of possession of a townhouse in Aqua in Miami Beach worth $1.5 million, Miami Herald reports. Trotsenko requires his former partner to transfer the Polonsky-owned townhouse with an area of 480 square meters located at 6120 Aqua Ave with five bedrooms and five bathrooms to his ex-girlfriend Julia Drynkina.

Trotsenko's lawyers claim that Polonsky concluded two contracts: he allegedly committed to transfer to Drynkina the house in Aqua and $375,000 from the sale of another building in the area for $1.85 million in 2015. In addition, Trotsenko asks to transfer the case to the Court of Arbitration of London.

Polonsky's lawyer Robert Khantman believes that the dispute over property located in Florida can be legally resolved only in the United States, but not abroad.

According to the lawyer, Polonsky turned out to have only this asset from the whole Aqua project in Miami Beach. In addition, five years ago the businessman has already transferred to Drynkina a house in Miami, $800,000 and a house in Moscow worth $2.5 million. According to Khantman, Trotsenko's real goal is to undermine Polonsky's financial situation and prevent him from paying his defense in courts.

Роман Троценко

Roman Trotsenko

In December 2016 Roman Trotsenko filed a lawsuit against Sergey Polonsky to London court and demands to collect $500 million on credit notes.

In addition, Khantman claims that now Trotsenko regularly meets with Julia Drynkina and supports her financially.

Юлия Дрынкина

Julia Drynkina


Julia Drynkina is a photo model that struck Sergey Polonsky with an unusual appearance. They lived together for 5 years and had three children. Polonsky named their younger son in honor of his company – Miraks. They parted in 2012. Julia Drynkina is listed as the managing member of Hollywood company Marusya Pro (her oldest daughter is called Marusya).

Sergey Polonsky, the former head of Miraks Group, is now in a Moscow detention center on suspicion of disrupting the construction of residential complexes Kutuzovskaya Mile and Rublevskaya Riviera and stealing about 2.4 billion rubles ($41.9 m). In August 2013 Polonsky was put on the international wanted list on suspicion of swindling. In May 2015 the Cambodian authorities detained the entrepreneur for violating the migration legislation (a conflict arose on Polonsky’s motorboat with the Cambodian team, which resulted in the sailors being thrown overboard) and deported him to Russia. Charges in the case on swindling, the defendant of which is the businessman, are also brought against five managers and directors of Miraks Group.

Сергей Полонский

Sergey Polonsky


Section Triumphalny (formerly – Kutuzovskaya Mile) is a well-known long-term construction in Moscow. In 2005 building contractor FCSR attracted Avanta, which was a part of Miraks Group, as an investor. After the 2008 crisis the project was frozen. FCSR unilaterally terminated the contract with Avanta. Due to the freezing of the project in 2012 a criminal case was opened against Polonsky. According to the investigation, preliminary contracts for the sale of apartments in the section did not correspond to the planning documentation, and the proceeds were used for other projects (Federation Tower in Moscow and Astra Montenegro in Montenegro). Now the developer reports that the deadline for the project is scheduled for the end of 2018. It is interesting that in July 2016 the former wife of the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin Marina became the main shareholder of the Upravleniye (Management) Company, which in turn is the managing company of the developer of Triumphalny residential district.


As Slavik Brsoyan, the lawyer of Polonsky, told The CrimeRussia, at the present time the testimonies of the victims are being heard at court hearings. They claim that they have no personal claims to Polonsky. However, Petr Ivanov, the ex-general director of developer company FCSR Kutuzovskaya Mile was arrested in absentia in February 2017 and put on the international wanted list. Polonsky's defense claim that according to the fake documents of the financing schedule FCSR accused Avanta of disrupting these schedules and tried to seize the construction, which led to the freezing of the facility.

Video: Polonsky on Kutuzovskaya Milya residential complex 

After instituting criminal proceedings against Polonsky the developer was forced to sell Potok to Roman Trotsenko, the former business partner, for only $100 million. The assets of the Federation Tower in Moscow City area were transferred to the owner of Aeon company. The oligarch was called the actual owner of the legacy of Miraks. In December 2015 Roman Trotsenko was even willing to pay 20 million rubles ($349.6 thousand) as a pledge for the release of Sergey Polonsky from the pre-trial detention center. Lawyers do not say what caused the change in the relations of the former partners.



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