Billionaire sells Darasun gold mine for a song because of crime

Billionaire sells Darasun gold mine for a song because of crime
Konstantin Strukov

Konstantin Strukov failed to cope with illegal gold mining for 10 years, hence he had to sell the mine for 1 million dollars.

Forbes was told about the sale of the Darasun mine by billionaire Konstantin Strukov himself. According to him, the contract for the sale was signed on August 15, and since September 1 Yuzhuralzoloto company has nothing to do with the mine any longer.

The new owner of Uryumkan LLC bought the mine for 1 million dollars, which is far less than the real value. In 2007, Yuzhuralzoloto purchased the mine of Canadian company Highland Gold for $25 million. In addition, Strukov's company has invested another 10 billion rubles ($171.9 m) in this mine.

As the billionaire told Forbes, the company could not cope with crime.

Despite the fact that according to Kontur-Focus data, in 2015 the Darasun mine enjoyed 215.9 million rubles ($3.7 m) of net profit, in May of this year Yuzhuralzoloto was going to shut down the enterprise as unprofitable one. The miners did not get salaries, due to which they staged strikes. Even after the sale Yuzhuralzoloto did not pay off all debts, and another 20 miners have recently gone on a hunger strike because of non-payment of salaries.

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