Billionaire Rybolovlev did not sign recognizance not to leave

Billionaire Rybolovlev did not sign recognizance not to leave
Dmitry Rybolovlev Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

Russian billionaire can leave Monaco.

Ex-owner of Uralkali and billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev does not sign recognizance not to leave issued by the authorities of Monaco so that the businessman can leave the country. Interfax cites representative of Rybolovlev Dmitry Chechkin, who noticed errors.

“Dmitry Rybolovlev was not released on bail or recognizance not to leave, but under the judicial control, he is not prohibited from leaving Monaco,” the source said.

On November 7, the media reported on the release of Rybolovlev under recognizance not to leave after being charged. The businessman was accused of bearing sway over the employees of the state bodies of Monaco, who conducted the investigation into the case of fraud initiated against art dealer Yves Bouvier.

In 2015, the Russian billionaire said that Bouvier sold him 37 paintings by Picasso, Monet, and other famous artists for $2 billion, when they cost half as much. This was revealed by Rybolovlev’s translator Tanya Rappo, with whom Bouvier allegedly shared the proceeds. Lawyer Tatyana Bersheda recorded the conversation and handed the recording to the police.

Rappo did not know that her confession was being recorded, and declared a violation of privacy, and Bouvier stated that Rybolovlev bribed the police and judicial officers. Investigators found confirmation on the phone of Bersheda. The lawyer corresponded with the head of the Criminal Investigation Division, Christophe Haget, his deputy Frederick Fusari, director of public safety of the principality Regis Asso, former Minister of Justice of Monaco Philippe Narmino and his wife Cristina, Le Monde writes.



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