Billionaire Igor Neklyudov dies of heart attack after running-down accident involving child

Billionaire Igor Neklyudov dies of heart attack after running-down accident involving child
Igor Neklyudov

Certain details have become known about the businessman’s death.

Thursday, July 19, it was reported that a well-known businessman of the Khabarovsk region, Igor Neklyudov, had suddenly passed away.

“On this day, relatives and friends mourn the tragic death of a caring father and husband, a faithful and reliable friend,” says the message on Dalreo company website, which belonged to the businessman.

According to the local media, the death was caused by a heart attack. A few days before his death, Neklyudov had become a participant in a running-down accident involving a child below the age of 1.

No details of the accident are specified; however, it is reported that the victim was taken to the hospital with a fracture of the skull base. Allegedly, Neklyudov made sure that the child was provided with all the necessary medical assistance. Nevertheless, on July 18, doctors told the businessman that the child could not be saved.

Journalists reported that this news provoked a heart attack.

At the same time, REN TV reports that the child has survived. According to the TV channel, the child’s father said that his son did not die, but got off with scratches. The parent said that the kid fell under the wheels of Neklyudov’s Mercedes when the latter was leaving the parking lot of the Zaimka complex.

The father said that he had no complaints with Neklyudov. He is convinced that the child was lucky – he got off with a few scratches. However, the incident made the businessman very nervous, which resulted in a heart attack.

Igor Nekludov was born in 1947. For many years, he headed the board of Dalreo Group of Companies. The company owns real estate in Khabarovsk, including business centers, office buildings, DalTV television channel, and a network of fitness clubs.

The company recalled that Neklyudov is primarily connected with the development of the Khabarovsk region and the Far East, as it was him who realized the tourist complex Zaimka, the Hilton hotel, and the river station on the Amur with a section of the international border crossing point.



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