Billionaire Igor Kesaev accused of seizure of former partner’s assets

Billionaire Igor Kesaev accused of seizure of former partner’s assets
Igor Kesaev

He complained about defamation.

MIA initiated a criminal case into defamation against a 77-year-old former deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, civil defence, and cure of effects of natural disasters of the Russian Federation Sergey Khetagurov. This happened due to his article at Sovershenno sekretno where he had accused his former parner and a billionaire Igor Kesaev of swindling, reports RuCriminal. Khetagurov says the owner of GK Merkury Kesaev had seized the assets of a deceased in 2013 businessman Viacheslav Basati by false pretences and threats.

Father of the deceased, an 87-year-old former intelligence officer Boris Basati, also reported with the law enforcement. He accused Kesaev of the fact that he had stolen his son’s share at GK Merkury and a tower Merkury City Tower at Moskva City. The former intelligence officer asked to carry out inspection into a report by Khetagurov “in order to examine the matter fully and take a procedural decision.”

Boris Basati says Kesaev and his partner at GK Merkury Aleksander Kobzev “used his physical and psychological state” related to the death of his son and convinced him to sign an agreement after which he lost most of his son’s inheritance.

Basati stated that Kesaev and Kobzev said that after the death of his son, there was nothing besides debts and all the projects were disadvantageous. Basati’s assets were allegedly not enough to pay the creditors. The co-owners of GK Merkury threatened the father of their former partner with Chechens who demanded to give back the debts. In honor of his son, they promised to pay the debts on their own and pay the issue pay to the former intelligence officer monthly. For this, Basati was asked to sign a few agreements and letters of authorization. No copies were left for him, and the content was not clarified.

Basat Sr. says that his son owned 2 per cent at all companies of GK Merkury, as well as prosperous companies in Russia and abroad. Besides that, Viacheslav Basatin supervised the construction of a tower Merkury and initially owned the project in equal parts with Kesaev.



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