Berezovsky's ex-wife sells out property in UK

Berezovsky's ex-wife sells out property in UK
Swan Lake estate Photo: Open Media

Galina Besharova has already mortgaged a mansion and sold a house in London.

Galina Besharova, the former spouse of Boris Berezovsky, mortgaged a mansion in Ascot, in whichthe corpse of the Russian oligarch was found.

In addition, she sold her house in London for £8 million, reports Open Media, citing data from the British corporate registry Companies House and Land Registry.

Besharova and Berezovsky were married from 1991 to 2008. After the divorce, the woman received from about £200 million the businessman. In June 2018, Besharova registered the company Avon Family Limited, according to the materials of Companies House. It was led by Besharova herself and her daughter from Berezovsky, Anastasiya Berezovskaya.

Almost immediately, Avon Family Limited mortgaged the mansion and estate Swan Lake at Mill Lane in Ascot with the British mortgage agency West One Loan. It was there that the oligarch was found dead. However, the publication could not find out the amount of the mortgage, only the rate is known - West One Loan provides loans secured by real estate from 3.79% to 6.29% per annum.


In 2013, Daily Mail, citing unnamed experts, estimated the cost of Swan Lake at £20 million. However, according to a modern analyst, the estate now costs no more than £10 million. The price has plummeted due to the tightened legislation in the field of money laundering.

In 2017, Besharova attempted to sell her own property. Zoopla website indicates that her house was put up for sale in March 2018 for £8.5 million and sold in September of the same year for £8 million. In 2011, Besharova acquired this mansion for £7.4 million, according to Zoopla.



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