Arkady Rotenberg's company to develop Gazprom fields on Russian North 

Arkady Rotenberg's company to develop Gazprom fields on Russian North
Arkady Rotenberg

The prospective developer of the northern fields of Gazprom was called Novatek of Leonid Mikhelson, but subsequently the corporation opted for Rusgazdobycha, created by a Cypriot offshore of Rotenberg, with which it has been cooperating in RusGazAlliance project since April 2017.⁠

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller and Rusgazdobycha CEO Artem Obolensky signed a memorandum of intent on May, 5 in St. Petersburg.

Within the framework of the memorandum Gazprom and RusGazDobycha will jointly develop gas chemical manufacture based on the reserves of the Achimov and Valanzhinsk deposits of Nadym-Pur-Tazovsky district of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

Furthermore, under the agreement the companies agreed to mutually extract and process gas from four giant deposits of Tambey group in Yamal belonging to Gazprom – North Tambey, West Tambey, Malyginsky and Tasiysky. According to RBC, the reserves of the Yamal deposits of Tambey group account for at least 6.7 trillion cubic meters of gas.

The reports of Gazprom published on the corporate website states that processing will allow extracting valuable components from gas, such as ethane, propane, butane, condensate. RusGazDobycha will conduct a comprehensive study and develop a feasibility study of the investment projects, after which it will attract financial resources. The industrial and scientific and technical capacity of Russia will be actively used within the framework of the project implementation.

It is worth noting that President Vladimir Putin noted two of these conditions – the ability to independently attract investors and maximize the use of domestic scientific and industrial developments – as particularly important at the last meeting with the Head of Gazprom Alexey Miller.


Meeting of Alexey Miller with Artem Obolensky 

In the official message Gazprom represents its partner as a "special purpose company" established by ZAO National Chemical Group.

According to SPARK-Interfax, CEO Artem Obolensky owns less than 1% of RusGazDobycha shares. 99% of the national holding company is owned by the Russian holding company, which, in turn, belongs to Cyprus's Olpon Investments.

RBC publication notes that according to the Cyprus registry, the sole owner of Olpon Investments is Arkady Rotenberg. And the board of directors of SMP Bank, controlled by him and his brother Boris Rotenberg, is headed by director of RusGazDobycha Artem Obolensky.

Gazprom recalls in a press release that it cooperates with CJSC RusGazDobycha not for the first time. In April the companies established joint project company LLC RusGazAlliance to implement the project to develop Parusovoye, North-Parusovoye and Semakovskoye fields in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

RBC reminds that after signing the first agreement Arkady Rotenberg publicly announced that he decided to invest in gas production in order to obtain raw materials for a fertilizer plant in Primorye, which is under construction by Nakhodkinsky fertilizer plant under its control, at more favorable prices. And the raw material for most mineral fertilizers is gas, he stressed.

It should be noted that in October 2016 the chairman of the board of the largest domestic private gas company Novatek Leonid Mikhelson asked the president of the country to ensure the adoption of "necessary corporate solutions" for re-licensing Tambey group from Gazprom to a separate legal entity for the subsequent sale to Novatek.

Meanwhile, head of Rupec Information and Analytical Center Andrey Kostin notes that the development of the fields of Tambey group requires a huge amount of funds and expertise to work with gas. RusGazDobycha, a completely new company, lacks them. Novatek, which did not get the right to develop Yamal deposits, earlier proved its capacity to attract investments and implement major gas projects in the construction of Yamal SPG, the expert said. According to him, during four years of construction of the plant, Mikhelson's company raised $27 billion from investors and learned to deal with the technologies, equipment and features of freight.



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