Arkady Rotenberg owns Moskvarium at VDNKHa

Arkady Rotenberg owns Moskvarium at VDNKHa
Arkady Rotenberg

Zarah Iliev and God Nisanov, who had previously been co-investors of the Europe's largest oceanarium's construction, are completely out of the project.⁠

Controlled by businessman Arkady Rotenberg structures are the main owners of Moskvarium (Moscow oceanarium – Ed.), which is called the European largest oceanarium. This was reported to RBC by a source familiar with the structure of the main investor of the business project, the company Kievskaya ploshad.

The publication notes that on the participation of Rotenberg as an investor of the Moskvarium's construction it initially became known soon after it opening in the summer of 2015. Arkady Rotenberg accompanied Vladimir Putin and Sergey Sobyanin in a tour across the facility putting into operation together with God Nisanov and Ilgam Rahimov, and later even mentioned the investment amount, evaluating it in 250-270 million dollars. But then the official representative of the businessman denied his financial participation in the construction of Moskvarium, noting that he was a "guest of God Nisanov at this event."

Meanwhile, the source told RBC that Nisanov and Rahimov are currently out of the project, and, now, it is wholly owned by Arkady Rotenberg. It is reported that the entrepreneurs, whose structures got the management over VDNKHa's complex at the government level in 2011, withdrawing from the shareholders of Moskvarium, are no longer associated with the main exhibition complex of the country.

This information was also confirmed by SPARK. Moskvarium, according to it, is an estate of LLC Vozrozhdenie VVC, which until July 2014 was owned by Vodnaya Planeta, affiliated with companies of Nisanov. Then, 40% of Vozrozhdenie VVC was acquired by JSC Investholding, which, according to the documents, is registered at the same address as that of the head office of the supervised by brothers Rotenberg SMP Bank - on the 71, Sadovnicheskaya Street in Moscow.

⁠It is noteworthy that at the same address company Armada, former head of which is the CEO of Moskvariuma, is registered. Since September of that year, 100% of Vozrozhdenie VVC belongs to the close share investment fund of long-term investment Iridium (the managing company Evokorp).

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