Yulia Yuzik tells about week in Iranian prison

Yulia Yuzik tells about week in Iranian prison
Yulia Yuzik

The journalist was considered a Jewish spy because of the surname.

Journalist Yulia Yuzik, who returned to Moscow, thanked the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister Sergey Lavrov for helping release her from the Iranian prison, and also spoke about the week she had spent in custody. According to her, she faced life imprisonment for espionage for Israel.

“I was accused of cooperation with the Israeli secret services. They exaggerated. There, it is enough that they saw some contacts, correspondence or comments of people who live in Israel on my Facebook, to make such an accusation,” the journalist told MBH.Media.

The situation was aggravated by the journalist’s surname which in Farsi sounds like “Jew,” she says. Yuzik said that in the cell she was sleeping on blankets on the concrete floor. Over the entire week, the Russian consul never came.

Yuzik was detained in Tehran in early October in order to “give a number of explanations,” then they said that the journalist had problems with her visa, but in a telephone conversation with relatives, Yuzik reported that she was charged with espionage. After the intervention of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the journalist was released on the night of October 10.



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