Wasps helped police detain a runaway criminal in Germany

Wasps helped police detain a runaway criminal in Germany

A hoard of enraged wasps stopped a runaway criminal in Oldenburg, Germany.

When two law enforcement officers attempted to arrest a 32-year-old man, the culprit unsurprisingly ran, according to Die Presse Portal.

He dared a jump from the balcony of his apartment on the second-floor but landed right on top of a wasp nest. The insects attacked the man, stinging him anywhere they could reach. He screamed and attempted to swat them away running away from the enraged hoard onto the street where the police seized the fugitive.

Wasps quickly caught up with the man and began stinging the police officers as well, which allowed for the culprit to break free and rush to a nearby children’s inflatable pool, where he hid from the insects underwater.

Police caught up with him a second time and finally preformed an arrest, taking their runaway to a penitentiary institution, where he received medical assistance.

Both police officers got stung six times each and needed medical attention as well.  



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