USA got valuable agent who passed on information on Putin out of Russia in 2017

USA got valuable agent who passed on information on Putin out of Russia in 2017

The media found out that Oleg Smolenkov - an employee of the Department of Presidential Affairs who had gone missing that same year - had likely been the spy.

In 2017, the US intelligence service secretly got its most valuable agents out of Russia. The agent worked with the Russian government, reports CNN with reference to sources within the Executive Office of the President of the Unites Stated Donald Trump.

According to the TV-channel, the spy passed on information on Kremlin’s internal activity, as well as plans of the President Vladimir Putin and his point of view regarding various issues. One of the sources of CNN says the authorities of the Unites Stated never had that valuable employee within the Russian government.

The decision to get the agent out of the country was arrived at after Trump met the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and the Ambassador of Russia to the United States Sergey Kislyak in the White House in May, 2017. During the meeting, Trump decided to disclose some secret data to the Russians. The results of the meeting alarmed the executives of the special services and made take thought of security of agents in Russia, the article reports.

The media assumed that an employee of Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation Oleg Smolenkov had likely been the spy. He and his family went missing in 2017. According to Kommersant, he is likely to be in Stafford (Virginia) now. Source of the newspaper within the governmental agencies of the Unites States confirmed that the report of CNN was about Oleg Smolenkov.

With that, a source of Kommersant within the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the information on the meeting of Trump and Lavrov absurd and paranoia. He refused to comment upon the part of the message related to “a very valuable agent.”

The White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham stressed out that “the report of CNN is not only incorrect, but can also place in jeopardy someone’s lives.” Trump sharply criticized CNN on his Twitter, he did not mention the article on the agent that had been got out of Russia though. “I’ve heard that they lose money due to low ratings. But first and foremost, CNN is destructive to the United States. Thei international department throws in bad information and faked news around the world,” the President of the United States wrote.

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