US media say Russia has weapon capable of “conquering the whole world”

US media say Russia has weapon capable of “conquering the whole world”

The US has no analogue of such a weapon.

American military attach great importance to the capabilities of the Russian torpedo Shkval, developing a speed of up to 360 km/h. This weapon is capable of changing the world’s military balance. The torpedo was kept secret for a long time, but it is now in service with the Russian fleet.

Russian supercavitating torpedoes Shkval are the most innovative weapons developed in the USSR era, The National Interest reports.

These torpedoes are capable of speeding up to 200 knots per hour. No floating device is able to develop such a speed. This was achieved due to a system that turns water into steam, thus giving the torpedo additional energy and creating a “gas bubble” around it. This process is called supercavitation.

Initially, Shkval was designed for rapid attacks on NATO's nuclear missile submarines. Mass production of the torpedoes began in 1978. Soon the USSR Navy put them in its arsenal.

The publication notes that this weapon has some drawbacks. The process of supercavitation is pretty noisy. Therefore, a torpedo launching submarine will be quickly detected. However, the speed of the torpedo will allow it to destroy the enemy before they realize what is going on.



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