US authorities approve exhumation of “Public Enemy No.1” John Dillinger

US authorities approve exhumation of “Public Enemy No.1” John Dillinger

Relatives of the gangster believe that another person lies in the grave.

US state of Indiana gives permission to open up the grave of criminal John Dillinger aka “Public Enemy No.1.”

The exhumation of the gangster’s remains is scheduled for December 31, 2019, BBC reports. Dillinger’s nephew and niece asked to open his grave. They believe that an impostor, whom the FBI mistakenly mistook for the infamous criminal, lies in the grave instead of their uncle.

The man killed by police in 1934 had other fingerprints and other anatomical features, relatives say. The FBI called the initiative to exhume Dillinger’s remains “conspiracy theory” and noted that they have “a ton of information” proving the opposite.

Local authorities ordered the exhumation of the remains and reburial immediately after the study.

John Dillinger was an American criminal of the first half of the 1930s, a bank robber, “Public Enemy No.1,” according to the FBI classification. He robbed about two dozen banks and four police departments, escaped from prison twice, and was also charged with killing a police officer in Chicago, but was not convicted of this.

Several films were made about him. In 2009, Dillinger's story was chronicled in the movie Public Enemies, where Johnny Depp played the lead part.



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