UK Prime Minister’s girlfriend barred from US

UK Prime Minister’s girlfriend barred from US

US authorities refused to issue a visa to Boris Johnson’s girlfriend apparently over last year’s trip to Somaliland.

Carrie Symonds, 31, applied for a visa to go to the United States of America on business, but had her request blocked over a 2018 trip to Somaliland, an East African country torn by civil war, according to Daily Mail.

Symonds met with the country’s self-proclaimed president Muse Bihi Abdi to discuss women’s rights and sea pollution.

Unfortunately, Symonds, who previously was previously the ruling Conservative Party’s head of broadcast, can not officially apply for assistance in obtaining a visa. She is not married to the Prime Minister, as Jonhson is still officially married to Marina Wheeler, with whom they have four children. The couple announced their separation in September 2018.

While the UK is one of the few countries, which have diplomatic relations with the self-declared state that broke away from Somalia back in 1991, the US does not.

Washington may also not grant visas to people, who have recently visited a number of other countries including Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

Symonds needed to go to the United States as part of her job for Oceana, a US-based environmental group, Daily Mail wrote.



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