Two solders plunge to their deaths at Colombian airshow

Two solders plunge to their deaths at Colombian airshow
Jaiver Nieto / EL TIEMPO

Two Air Force officers holding the Colombian flag were killed after falling from a great height.

While preforming at an airshow during the Medellin Flower Fair in Colombia, two Air Force non-commissioned officers fell from a rope, which was attached to a flying helicopter. The circumstances of the tragedy are under investigation, El Tiempo reports.

The two men were hanging from a rope and holding the Colombian flag during the parade. There were other soldiers holding the flag of Antioquia in a similar manner. When their helicopter was preparing to land, both solders suddenly fell from their rope and onto the runway, according to the Medellin airport spokeswoman Olaya Herrera. Both were killed upon impact.

According to the Colombian Air Force, the two killed officers were Deputy Chief Technical Officer Jesus Mosquera and Fourth Technician Sebastian Gamboa Ricaurte.  



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