Trump reveals details of new sanctions against Turkey

Trump reveals details of new sanctions against Turkey

Trump said he was ready to destroy the Turkish economy due to what is happening in northeast Syria. The US President announces new Sanctions and fees.

The US will impose sanctions on current and former Turkish officials, as well as all those whom Washington considers responsible for Ankara’s “destabilizing” actions in northeastern Syria, US President Donald Trump said.

According to him, it is about financial sanctions, freezing of assets and bans on entry into the United States. Such measures will affect those who have been implicated in the violation of human rights, impeded the ceasefire, participated in the forcible repatriation of refugees, or threatened peace, security, and stability in Syria.

In addition, the United States will increase the import duties on steel by 50% for Turkey and stop negotiations on trade.

“I’m fully prepared to immediately destroy the Turkish economy if Turkish leaders continue along a dangerous and destructive path,” the US president added.

Trump said that during his presidency, the United States and its allies managed to completely defeat the Islamic State (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), and Turkey should not threaten these achievements. Ankara’s priority should be the security of civilians, including religious and ethnic minorities, as well as the responsibility of containing IS in the region, the US president believes.

He added that he was withdrawing all the US military from northeast Syria, noting that a small garrison would remain in the south of the country. 

Turkey launched a ground operation in Syria on October 9, with the Kurdish People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) supported by the United States as its target. Ankara intends to oust them from the border and organize a security zone there.



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