Truck with 39 corpses from Bulgaria found in UK

Truck with 39 corpses from Bulgaria found in UK

A truck with 39 corpses was found in the English city of Grays, Essex, according to Sky News.

At least one of the dead bodies belonged to a teenager. A 25-year-old man born in Northern Ireland turned out to be the driver and was detained on suspicion of murder.

The car is believed to have been in Bulgaria earlier and entered the country on October 19. Police said they were establishing the reasons for what happened and working to identify the victims.

In 2018, it was reported that a truck with 157 unidentified bodies moved from one region of Mexico to another for days and could not stay anywhere for long due to complaints of the locals about the smell. The "Rolling Morgue" was necessary due to the lack of room to store corpses in public institutions.



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